Thursday, July 28, 2011

An Ant Guard

This thing works!
 A while back, I posted about large ants clogging my hummingbird feeder and fouling the nectar. Some of you mentioned that I should get an ant guard.
I cleverly did not broadcast my ignorance of such a thing, just nodded knowingly.
Meanwhile, the ants continued to foul the feeder, the hummers quit using it, and I was washing ants out of it about every other day.

A few weeks ago, I was walking through the Gainesville Lowes, just browsing the bird feeder section and there it was!
... AND it wasn't expensive! 

I think it was only about $5.

This baby works like a charm.

The nectar stays clear and unfouled.

The hummers are knocking themselve out in a sugar high frenzy, and any ant that walks up the pole to the ant guard turns around and hauls abdomen back to where he came from.

I'm giving this product the FC pinniped of approval.


Shelllady said...

Looks like I need to head down to the Gainsville Lowe's! ; ) .....Any excuse to head down to Florida!! Thanks for the recommendation and 'seal of approval'....!! (Actually we get on the Auto Train tomorrow to head down there!!...Yipee!!)

Very cool that you made the wings disappear on your hummer pic!! Wonderful pic!!

Sayre said...

Wonderful! I know your little speedy-winged friends appreciate a little less protein and a little more sugar in their dinner!

Dani said...

*sad face* I wish we had hummingbirds here. I only see them during the migrations.