Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Baby Flying Squirrel

A friend's pet cat decimated this baby flying squirrel's family and then brought this tiny baby into the house. Luckily, the friend intervened and rescued the tiny squirreling before any obvious damage was done.
Sigh ... as if I needed one more reason to dislike the domestic cat.

Anyway, Ms.Sara N. Dippity was looking out for this squirrel, because another friend of mine just happens to be a certified squirrel rehabilitation specialist with a passion for all things squirrelly.

And, I happen to work with the "Squirrel Woman", so the little flyer was transferred into the best hands possible today at school.
She said he's dehydrated and the youngest she has ever dealt with, but she will do her best.

I know she will, and that's good enough for me, whatever the final outcome.


Dani said...

Such a tiny thing. Hope it makes it.

LaDivaCucina said...

Oh how cute! So sad about the rest of its family. Does putting bells on cats do any good? I used to nag my friend in the country in Australia to put bells on her cats, it would upset me to see them come in the morning with the most beautiful birds, half dead, and play with them. Good luck, little squirrel.

Thunder Dave said...

Dang I didn't know we had flying squirrels down there too, bonus!

robin andrea said...

Much good luck to that little squirrel. If love and good intentions can heal, then all will be well.

WPgirl said...

Don't hate the domestic cat. Blame the owner that let's them outside. I have 3 cats and they are fulltime indoor cats. Keep us posted on the squirrel's progress.

NoL said...

I know the "Squirrel Woman!" She will take the best of care of this little guy!

Suze said...

I agree with WPgirl - tell your neighbor to keep her lousy cats inside where they can't kill birds and squirrels and other critters. Makes me steam!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This is the smallest I have ever seen. I hope the little fellow/(ette) survives. I think all domestic cats should be inside or dead.

Anonymous said...

Awww...what a sweet little baby. I hope the little critter makes it. That's really sad about the rest of the family. I'm so glad you got it in the best hands possible.
Momadness in kc

Floridacracker said...

Update is: the squirrel lady drove all over Gainesville from one place to another to get this baby to a flying squirrel expert. She was successful and it's up to the squirrel and the flying squirrel lady now.
Keep your fingers crossed.

I don't "hate" cats ... I save that word for evil people. I don't like them though and I would be dishonest to say otherwise.

Donna Mc said...

Awwe - poor lil' thing. Hope it makes it.
I call my father-in-law the squirrel whisperer...he's raised litter of orphan squirrels & successfully released them back into the woods. But they still come when he stands in the woods & calls them. He's always got treats in his pockets for them. They know a good thing when they see/hear it! =)

Squirrel Lady said...

Proud to say my efforts to place the baby squirrel ( AKA Sharky) with a flying squirrel rehaber of 17 years have paid off. As of an hour ago, the report is he is doing well despite some tummy upset and cuddled with a female of equal size who was likewise orphaned. FC shared my persistence to contact a more experienced rehaber of fliers rather than egotistically sacrifice Sharky with my own attempt. Often, we believe our intentions to rescue orphaned animals is simply enough but when experience/knowledge is insufficient the orphan pays the price. Though ten years of rehabing gray squirrels (and an orphaned skunk) have populated many a garden and birdfeeder, Sharky wasn't to pay for my inexperience with fliers. He's in the hands of a renowned flier expert and the snuggles of a wee little lady friend. Ata'boy Sharky, you had our heart at hello.

Scott Ford said...

Welcome to the world cute little innocent one..I really love squirrels.

lisa said...

Oh my gosh! So tiny, I sure hope she can save the poor thing! Even though the family loves our cats, I prefer to do without but I am out numbered 3 to 1!

Anonymous said...

Hi FC and Squirrel Lady,

Ya did good! Good luck to Sharky.


Floridacracker said...

I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy, ... like a baby flying squirrel.

MamaSue said...

Wonderful! So happy for folks like Squirrel Lady and FC!!!

Miz S said...

Lucky little squirrel! (Except for the whole being orphaned thing.)

And FC, I adore you despite your lack of affection for cats. One must allow one's friends to have at least one fault;)

kenoconnor said...

I used to work nights and weekends at a local mom and pop television station in Sarasota while I was in college. I was working one Saturday morning and shortly after a strong thunderstorm, I went out front for a cigarette (I've long since quit) and heard a squeaking sound. After further investigation, I found some baby mammals of some sort that were nestled in a clump of spanish moss etc. that had fallen from the tree during the storm. I went back to the stock room, grabbed a box and a towel, and put the bed of moss with the babies inside it and set it inside the from lobby door, unsure what to do next. I returned to my post and later noticed a squirrel at the front door (we had a video surveillance camera to monitor the front door). She was frantically jumping at the front door. It was a tiny squirrel mama. I moved the box back outside and noticed the squirrel frantically moving about in the giant oak and occasionally flying from limb to limb. I couldn't believe my eyes. I never knew that we had flying squirrels in Florida. I went back inside and watched as the mama picked up each baby and took them back up into the tree. Unfortunately, this was long before cell phones and digital cameras and there was no one else at the station. So this is a memory that I have for myself. It is a good one for me!

Floridacracker said...

Mama Sue,
Every little bit helps!

Miz S,
Just one of my character flaws.
I detest cauliflower too.
And I am pretty sure Bob Dylan can't sing.
There's more of course.

First thing is Congrats on quitting smoking.
And what a neat experience your flying squirrel event was.
Good job!