Thursday, September 01, 2011

Things Are Different Here In Cedar Key

Like Mayberry with a dash of salt.

Does that photo capture the essence of a small island school or what?
It's an actual scene too, ... not staged.
That fishing pole sat there all day.

Oh yes, I'm loving it.
I'm working hard though ... hence the posting gaps this week.
I hope to catch up this weekend!

It's open house at school tonight and in about 30 minutes I should be meeting the parents who have been wondering, who is this new guy?

I think I'm ready.

Wish me "luck", or "break a leg", or whatever you deem useful!


Sayre said...

I'm sure you'll make a great impression! Have fun tonight... I love open house from the parent side!

Island Rider said...

I bet many of them have seen your face at the festivals, restaurants and on the water. You will be a big hit I know.

swamp4me said...

Break a leg...and then do a "Stupid Things" post about it ;) Best of luck with your new adventure!!

Anonymous said...

They will love you...but put out some peel & eat shrimp/datil pepper sauce. So as to be sure.

Dani said...

You'll do great my friend!

roger said...

everyone said it already. we love your modesty.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I imagine it is tiring for you to meet parents. They will feel so much better about the new teacher after meeting you. I hope nothing is broken except the anxiety of the new teacher syndrome.

Miz S said...

Hope it went well. I'm sure it did. I'm always tired the day after because of being at school so long the night before.

Can't wait to hear some snippets about the kids.

threecollie said...

Of course, the best of luck...not that you will need it. lol Love the fishing pole!

Bill said...

Good Luck,
Kevin and I were discussing the fact that we shared a locker in high school, without a lock, and never lost a thing. How times have changed. I am sure you love your new school, looks like you should feel right at home. Now quit loafing and catch up on those posts.

Thanks for sharing,

robin andrea said...

I'm sure the parents loved you. How could they not?

Maggie said...

I am sure the parents saw that this was a match made in heaven and how lucky their children will be.
From a long-time lurker and a north Florida native a long way from home in Texas, I love your column. Your Applachicola post made me so homesick.

Anonymous said...

Hi FC,

Sooo, did they love ya?

Quess what?

There's a good chance that I will spend Christmas over in Cedar Key. At that RV Park with the tiki bar.

My friends best friend and her husband are spending the winter over there in their motor home. Apparently the campground has 5 hotel rooms. It will be something new and different for me!

Have a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

It is a shame more schools don't have fishing poles in the hallway. I think things might be a lot different.
I am sure you true self came shining through. Thanks for being a great teacher in a crazy world.


Floridacracker said...

Thanks PF'ers!
Lots of events delayed my commenting here, but I really appreciate the support.
It did go well and every parent I met was obviously involved and concerned about their child.
I hope they left with the same good feelings as me, when the evening was over.