Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Dewsday Morning

Saturday was cool and rainy, so I took a photo walk without the Bear dog.
He doesn't have the patience for nature photography.

The rain had walked this path before me.

Miss Guara wearing her diamond necklace.

The palmetto that I burned in last winter's micro-controlled burn is thriving and making more frondifinous fuel for this winter's burn.

I have a lot of old laurel oaks that apparently are near the end of their short (in tree terms) life span. Every once in awhile, one just ups and quits, like this one did about a year ago.

It's mostly a main trunk now. The branches have succumbed to gravity and lie around the base.
There is a mad scramble for light going on as holly, bay, and oak saplings race for the sun.

The wild persimmon tree was all "Fally this, and fally that."

I tried to ignore her, but she kept showing off.

Spider Structural Support, Inc was busy down by the pond.

The rugged little kumquat tree surprised me with some dangling, ripening fruit.
This poor neglected tree gets frozen back to a stump about every third year or so, but it always picks itself up and starts back up again.

The yellow leaves are the kumquat's way of saying, "Hey! I'm anemic here! Helloooooooo! How about some fertilizer?"

It's not easy being a fruit tree at PFHQ.


Mark said...

That dead oak is in an advanced state of decay. It would take several years to reach that point way up here in NW Georgia. It's amazing what a few hundred miles of latitudinal distance makes.

Our persimmon trees are mainly just persimmons now. Almost all the leaves are down. It's so covered with persimmons it looks like a really well decorated version of Charlie Brown's Christmas tree.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I have never seen a kumquat. I always see something interesting on your blog. Your fall colors are about like ours. Lots of yellow this year. Very little red.

Deb said...

Just checking in here, since it's been a while. Nice close ups. And about your previous post, I love comments. Occasionally I'll go back and read comments from posts from a few years ago; sometimes the commenters are still a part of my blogging life, at least one I know is gone from this earth, and I wonder how some of the others are doing. I am grateful for most of them. Most.

threecollie said...

Whimsical, lovely, lyrical, thank you!

Felicia said...


Aunty Belle said...

luvin' that rain necklace--tiffany's cain't even come close to that beauty.

looks like yore homestead be in fine dress these days.

Amazin' kumquat tree--does ya use its fruit? We has a tree too-thankfully one that them citrus police din't git when they's slaughterin' local citrus on account of worry over canker. Anyhoo--I use the pretty fruit fer decoration during holidays. Need a good Kumquat recipe--got a kumquat marinade or somethin'?

An a few posts back: happy to learn of Emma's debut year goin' swell, that her daddy be content in KW school--thangs turned out well!

P.S.no no...The pic ya sorta seen is of a marriet woman of 20 years.

Thunder Dave said...

So you finally got some more rain! We're supposed to get more tomorrow, but we're already well over our average and set a new record.

cuz Tina said...

I feel the need to comment so you can read it and then delete it! Snow here. 4 inches on Saturday . Fall no more. Keep blogging.

Sayre said...

Wish we'd get some more rain... It seems to skirt around us!

Do you leave the dead trees for the woodpeckers?

MinorcanMeteorolgist said...

mmmm I can smell that sweet smell of wet woods and feel that dew between my toes. Wonderful post!

Anonymous said...

Hi FC,

Dewsday....haha, just got it! I can be really slow sometimes.

Is that Bigfoot in the first pic?

I'm going over to the Gulf of Florida for the next five days. To Bonita Springs. I've never been there.

Your friend,


Floridacracker said...

Hey where did my comment responses go?

Maybe I got deleted!

Things rot so fast around here. It really is recycling on steroids.

Kumquats are great! Sour inside, sweet outside.

I am still a faithful reader of your blog. You are one of my original blogpals.

Three Collie,
It was that kind of morning!

Thanks! I have some pretty woods.

I eat kumquats fresh off the tree about as fast as I can pick em.
Never made anything out of them.
Thanks for the kind words about Em, she is doing great ... working really hard, long hours, but doing great.
Married at 20?
Goodness. It was the farthest thing from my mind at 20.

Got 2 nice sprinkles last week.

Cuz Tina,
No snow here yet.
You are delete proof.

Definitely skirting around us when it comes to the big stuff!
Yes, the trees are left for the critters.

Yes, that's how it was!

I was there a long time ago. Hope you have a great time.

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