Saturday, October 29, 2011

True Grits :30,375 Comments

 In my world, grits are never wet enough that a spoon is required and I never clutter them with shrimp, cheese, or any other Food Networkian hoopla.
Give me real butter, salt, black pepper, a crumbled strip of center cut bacon , a fork and a place to stand, and I can move the world.

So, I took a walk this morning in the drippy, dim light of an overcast sky. A cold front is moving through and it is delivering light rains and grey skies. The cool dim morning just called out for a walk, a photo walk sans le chien "Bear".

I took way too many photos of wild flowers and fall leaves, but they will have to wait for another post.
 Out in the weed choked hell garden, the rootbound, two foot tall Meyer lemon in the tiny pot has produced quite a pair. The poor thing deserves a better container and some actual soil. I don't know how the little impulse buy has survived the hot summer, let alone produce children.

The potted datils are still going strong even as November peers coldly over the calendar wall. Look at that plant! These datils are not only holding fruit, but they are  still blooming!
I have a huge batch still to pick plus a good store of 2011 datil seeds for the 2012 season, so check out the datil page above this post or the datil ad off to the right if you want some seeds.

The pepper in the picture is demonstrating one of the traits of datils ... a purple blush. Generally, the peppers go from green to green with purple blush to orange, but they don't always get the blush.

Again, I have the wilder morning dew walk photos in reserve for a post this week.

Now about those comments ...

First, imagine how dull blogging would be without the comment feature.
Would we still do it?
To me, the back and forth aspect is about 60% of the blogging fun.
That's why I always feel guilty when life keeps me from commenting back on the two current posts that show each day on Pure Florida.

One thing I almost never do, however,  is go back to previous posts to read comments.  I just don't have time.
I long ago dropped the email comment notification feature since it was clogging my email and most were current comments I would see anyway.

Recently I was deep in Blogger and hit the comment tab. This of course shows all 30,375 comments here at Pure Florida.

While 99.9% of those comments are wise, funny, critical in an adult manner, narrative, encouraging, or empathetic, ... some just cry out for the be-yatch slap or at least a satisfying DELETE.

For instance ... way back in the archives there is a video of me moving a fat girly moccasin out of the road. Some of you expressed concern about my proximity. Fine. No problem with that.
One person shrilly called me names and said they would never want me teaching their children ... as if the post was a how to do moccasin removal for kiddies.

Another commenter freaked out when I pointed my finger at Bear and yelled, "BAD DOG!", as Bear made a lunge for an endangered gopher tortoise.  I had some fun with that as Bear is no where near the wuss that commenter appears to be.

Finally, a commenter just lost it over a post in which I surgically (with a razor cutter) removed just the stinging tip segment of one of our native brown scorpions so I could hold it and show it to my students.  The commenter called me a JERK and lamented how I had taken the scorpions ONLY way of getting food. Why I should have just squished it if I was going to do such a thing.
Now, once you get mean and call me a JERK on MY blog, you get deleted.
Had it been a civil comment that disagreed with what I did, I would have explained that scorpions and all their arthropod cousins regenerate lost body parts after a few molts. And with two chelipeds still intact, that scorpion could get by just fine until the new stinger came in.
At least bother to google your subject if you plan to chew me out about it.

I hope the scorpion commenter doesn't eat stone crabs ... only the claw is removed and the crab goes free to grow new ones. 
The horror!

I am sure, that in those 30,375 comments there are some other "PLEASE DELETE ME" whiners, but I am not going hunting for them.

Are these people irritating?
Am I irritating sometimes.
Do I mind debate or being corrected here at PF?
Not a bit.
Do I demand civility?
You're damn right I do.


threecollie said...

Love your lemons! Hope I am not one of those whiny commenters and if I have been I apologize. Thanks for bringing us all the good stuff at Pure Florida. Believe it or not the word verification is Yakier....I have yaks...well, photos of yaks.

Anonymous said...

Re comments-amen, pfc. I truly believe you're all about the goodness of nature and that's a huge part of why I like your blog.
Momadness in kc

Anonymous said...

Hi FC,

People are a trip.


PS You're not a jerk.

Dani said...

Dude, you ROCK!

cinbad122 said...

Hey! I got in trouble for saying hell & piss! You may not say those or damn on this blog any hear me? otter pics coming. couldn't get a good one on my "smart" phone.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

My goodness, don't let those nay sayers get your feathers all ruffled. Just consider the source and hit delete. You can't please everyone all the time. Heck, I have been lamblasted for being female. Just think of the idiot that wrote that comment.

Floridacracker said...

3Collie (aka 30,376),
Good lord woman, you are one of my longest running blogger pals! Love your comments.
How is your kindling supply holding up? 42 here tonight forecast.

Mommadness (aka 30,377),
Thanks! I just needed to ventilate a little! LOL

Patio (aka 30,378),
Some people be trippin' fo sure.
Thank you for the nonjerk confirmation.

Dani (aka 30,379),
Dudette, you rock! I am in awe of your spirit and all that you do.
Chick smuggling in suburbia is AWESOME.

Cindy (aka 30380),
It's your burping that will get you in trouble, not your cursing.
Baby otter costume pics ... MUST SEE.

Lisa (aka 30381),
Lambasted for being female?
That is such a DELETE.
There are some oddballs out there.

Caroline said...

My husband of more than 40 years maintains that the world holds more than its share of humans that are dumber than a box of rocks, those commenters prove it. DELETE.

Miz S said...

You are one of my blogging heroes for many reasons, not the least of which is your faithful habit of responding to comments. Luv u, dude.

Miz S said...

Wait. When were you "irritating"? I must have missed that post.

kevin said...

I'm only going to comment on the grits and not how irritating you can be.

I like my grits the same way, butter, salt and pepper. I have been known to cut up my eggs and bacon and mix it up with the grits though. And, fried fish and cheese grits can be something special.

I finally found some raw (non-quick) grits. They are so much better and worth the time, when I have it.

Thunder Dave said...

1) You're missing out on a whole world of grits dishes, I've even gpt Lightnin asking me to cook them now!
2) Nice Lemons!
3) Datils Gone Wild!
4) i agree with most of your comments, but if you get 6 or more scorpions, a bamboo skewer or two, and some frying oil; you've got a nice snack!

Mama Sue said...

I'm so happy I found this blog FC! I'm making your clam chowder tomorrow. I've made several batches of your Datil Relish... And I have ordered a recipe book you recommended on Pure Florida Food!!!!


Floridacracker said...

Mama Sue,
I love a girl who appreciates datils and clam chowder.

Just because you can eat something doesn't mean you should! LOL!

Well, you should know bro.
Raw grits.
Hmmm. Must try.

Miz S,
Just ask my wife!

Your husband is spot on.

robin andrea said...

I can't believe someone called you a jerk. You are one of the un-jerkiest people I know. People can be such jerks (LOL!). I'm glad you deleted the comment.

Julie Zickefoose said...

My troll radar is set so high I think most of them have learned to not even try. I had a guy start in on me not long ago about picking wild fruit without obtaining permission from the (public, though he didn't know that) landowner. Just had a feeling by the way he framed it and the fact that he'd obviously gradumicated from Troll Grammar School (where you're is your and there is their) that it'd be best to delete him right off the bat. Well, here he comes repeating the comment, and then going to my web site to slam me via the online comment box and whew! I was glad my radar went off when it did. They're out there, these People Without a Product, and they're ready to take potshots at you for having one, so it's our responsibility to keep our Delete buttons oiled and working. It goes with the territory, and you can only consider the source and remember the thousands who love you and find you endlessly entertaining, who marvel that you even DO this, and don't second-guess your every move. Which includes me.

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