Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I worked late yesterday ... later than usual.
In the tiny parking lot, I tossed my stuff in the JEEP, hopped in ... and immediately hopped back out.

Directly in front of the JEEP, an osprey sat bathed in golden late day light.
I took a few shots, cruised around the fenced in water tower area where he perched, and shot a few more on the better light side.

Really, that would have been enough.

On the skinny, bridge bisected causeway, rafts of migratory scaup were dabbling in a tide filled, but very shallow bayou.

I wanted them, but they were a little far out.
Plus you are not supposed to park on the bridge, or the causeway, blah, blah, blah.

All this mental debating about "was it worth it to stop, so late in the day" carried the JEEP over the number 4 bridge.
The mainland was just ahead.

I glanced out, still debating, and there was a dolphin feeding in golden sunlit water.

OK, I get the message.

I wheeled the JEEP around at the foot of the bridge and cruised slowly back over the bridge looking for the dolphin.

No sign of those flippery rascals.

Since I was pointed back at Cedar Key, I decided to turn around in the FWC Marine Lab driveway and maybe get a duck shot.

 The light was rushing out like an ebbing spring tide,  but the ducks were calmly feeding pretty close to the causeway, so I parked and slipped across the road to get closer.

I got a few duck shots ... nothing spectacular, but one or two were usable.
 Did I mention the light was going, going, almost gone?

I must have had my serendipity ducks in a row though, because while I was shooting stills of the scaup ... the dolphins showed up!

How often do you get ducks and dolphins in the same video?


robin andrea said...

Wonderful video, fc.

Thunder said...

Great shot of the sunset, and of course the video is excellent!

Barbie said...

HAHA! Love the porpoises' celebratory tail slap! 'I got dem birds ya!

Anonymous said...

Hi FC,

Duck, duck, goo, no,...dolphin?

Great video! I need to get back out to Cedar Key. It's been a while.


Sharon said...

Beautiful sunset and great video

Floridacracker said...

Thanks. I love ducks and dolphins.

Thanks! No Cedar Key sunset tonight though. Rain city.

LOL! Excessive celebration penalty for Team Cetacea!

Hey Patio!
There is ALWAYS something happening out here!
Usually, something fishy-birdy.

The sun does all the work on these sunset shots. I'm just the lucky recorder.

Dina J said...

Beautiful sunset shot! Funny video. It looks like the dolphin scared the ducks. Most tourist would love to see what you saw and you were just on your way home. And yet, it's always worth the stop.

Caroline said...

We have lots of winter ducks, but ain't no dolphins swimming here abouts, it's 2F!

Suzanne said...

What a lovely peaceful moment. I was watching it thinking how wonderful it would be to live in a beautiful place where you could see sights like that. Thanks for sharing, PF!

Anonymous said...

Love it that nature happens, even with cars zooming by with by. Glad you were able to enjoy last lights of the day.
tammy in LA

threecollie said...

Fabulous! Wow, I love it when Sara visits you!

Miz S said...

I love Florida.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. This is why I live in

Mrs. Catman