Friday, February 17, 2012

GBBC WEEKEND 2012 Get Your Bird On!

Today so far... 5 avocets while driving into work. I didn't really start counting until I hit the first bridge so all of these birds were spotted in about a mile of driving.

Also on the drive in, about 125 scaup were dabbling and rafting along the causeway.

Let's see, I saw about 30 boatail grackles on the powerline as I went over the bridge, and there were 6 pelicans floating in the dawn glow.

A kingfisher, a single blue heron, 5 snowy egrets, and the resident osprey here at school rounds out the morning drive count.

I will be posting GBBC sightings over the weekend as time and bird allow.
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threecollie said...

Great birds!
Best we could do here is a red tailed hawk and a lot of very common birds. Very windy and quite cold. Might do better tomorrow

Thunder said...

Thise scoup are pretty cool looking! Yesterday we came home from grocery shopping to find 6 turkey hens strolling across our back drive!

Thunder said...

Sorry that was "Those"

Floridacracker said...

Grey here today, but I added a bald eagle and a black vulture on the way home yesterday after I had posted this.

Neat! I have turkey all around but they shy away from Bear I think. None seen on PFHQ.

robin andrea said...

You have such fine birds to report. I limited my count to our yard. Backyard: four western bluebirds; one red-shouldered hawk. Frontyard: countless juncos; one band-tailed pigeon; mourning doves; two california towhees; two spotted towhees.

I probably should report this somewhere, like to the GBBC.