Tuesday, June 05, 2012

TITO ... Turtle In, Turtle Out.

Every evening, FC comes out to the old cattle trough where I live and swoops me up.
I am the last of the 11 turtles he hatched back in 2006 after my Momma made her nest in the driveway of PFHQ.

(FC says you can search this blog for "baby turtles" to find posts about us.)

My siblings have been released or given to a few dedicated turtle lovers. For a long time, it's been just me and my brother in this tank, but that changed about a month ago.

The water was low and something got in the tank, knocked over all the cattails, and, sadly, took my brother.

FC found the empty shell nearby on the ground the next day.

He felt pretty bad, ... guilty actually, for letting the water drop to a point where a coon could get in and fish for us.

That's when the new routine began ...

After supper, FC comes to get me and then carries me into the house. There's a big black furry thing in the house that goes a little nuts when I show up, but FC locks him out of the dining room.

I spend the night in an aquarium atop a table in the dining room, safe from predators.

In the morning, before he goes to work, FC walks me back out to my big tank where I spend the day doing turtley things that you probably would not understand.

I'm always happy to get back into my trough pond, but I've started looking forward to the daily flight to the dining room and back.

Variety is the spice of life after all.

FC says he'll rig up a predator proof cover for me after school is out and he has time to play. The truth is, FC likes me alot... he hatched me after all, in a big rubbermaid tub, in a motel at the beach. He tells me it's silly to get attached to reptiles, since we only have a reptilian brain ... the one you humans always are trying to suppress and control. He says being fond of a pet snake or turtle is a one way street, unlike his relationship with the big black furry thing in the house.

He's probably right.

I do enjoy these flights though.


lisa said...

You are so lucky to have FC care! You are so neat looking too!

Anonymous said...

Aw..what a cutie. And yeah, lucky for sure.

Caroline said...

And a handsome creature you are, Sir Turtle. I am particularly fond of your species, I've worn a silver and turquoise turtle necklace for the past 17 years, it was a gift, as were you.

Dan said...

Wow what a clean turtle! Bright colors, no algae on the shell...is someone polishing him at night?

Floridacracker said...

Pretty snazzy striping!

Cute and very tame.

Were there no green and yellow turtle necklaces? :)

You mean we're NOT supposed to put him in the dishwasher? :)

robin andrea said...

That turtle turned out to be quite a beauty. And not only that, he writes a really good blog post. Talented, pretty little thing.

Floridacracker said...

They are full of surprises under that shell.

Sayre said...

Perhaps Bear polishes the shell for him with that big, soft tongue...

Floridacracker said...

I think he might view the turtle more like a tootsie pop.