Friday, August 03, 2012

Summer Things

School looms off on the horizon, but summer still rules for now ...

The fence lizards have been busy making more fence lizards.
They love ... well, each OTHER obviously, ... but what I was going to say is they love this leftover concrete block by the driveway.
It doesn't really go there, but they have claimed it as their basking and, um, ... recreational spot, so I leave it.

The resident gopher tortoises are all busy remodelling down below, but this burrow is a new one!
On a recent walk, Bear and I came across a GOODGOOOGLYWOOGLYGINORMOUS Gopher grazing along our trail.
I ran Bear back to the house and grabbed the camera, but by the time I got back, the GodzillaGopher had vanished into one of many burrows.

In the garden, the datil peppers are coming on strong and it's only the demise of our range top that is preventing vast amounts of datil pepper relish from being created.
That's a temporary thing though.
Meanwhile, the crazy productive datils keep pumping out the peppers.
I should have datil pepper seeds for sell again next month.

Back in early summer, when my cultivated blueberries were producing, I had competition from the birds for my tasty crop.
Well, the wild,native Shiny Blueberry bushes that grow along the trail where Bear and I walk are producing now, so I munch a few every time we go by.

Turn about is fair play, Cardinals!


threecollie said...

Ah, sweet summer time! Different here from there and there from here, but wonderful all the same. Hope you come across that gopher again soon.

Pablo said...

Why do you leave the house without the camera at all?

Floridacracker said...

Thanks and you are so right.

I almost never do! Of course not taking it guarantees an encounter.