Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Worth A U-Turn and 120 Seconds

50 shades of grey?
49 at least ...

I almost passed this by on the way to work today.
Then it hit me.
You are on the motorcycle.
You packed the camera just for this sort of unexpected wonder.
You won't be that late to work ...
So, I slowed, and hung that U-turn.

A little closer.

All cats are grey in the dark and all pink birds are grey in the post storm morning gloom.

I was exactly 2 minutes late.

Y'all don't forget to stop and smell the roseate spoonbills.


crybrug said...

Glad to took the camera!

Amanda Storts said...

love your pics, they are gorgeous, and I love what you post about, animals, plants, water, NATURE at it's most beautiful!!!

Amanda Storts said...

by the way, i posted the first pic to my FB page with credit to you/your blogsite, and mentioned that you are my favorite blogger! maybe you'll get some new traffic from it... :-)

Crackerboy said...

The scenic shot across the bay is outstanding!

Was that a Snowy Egret or Little Blue Heron? Couldn't tell.

threecollie said...

Awesome in the most literal sense of the word. I am glad you took the camera and that you stopped. Those are my kind of shades of grey.

Suzanne said...

Those are all absolutely beautiful pictures. Gorgeous. Have you thought of creating a calendar for sale on one of those sites where we can order our own? Or notecards? or selling photos? I'm so glad you stopped. The lighting is really lovely on the spoonbills, even though they show gray. Very dramatic. I guess you can tell I love them!

Floridacracker said...

Welcome to PureFlorida! I 'm glad I took it too!

Thanks so much for the plug on Facebook and the kind words. I love doing this thing called Pure Florida.

Thanks! I was there just at the right moment. I think it was a snowy.

Thanks! It was spectacular light and cloud show.

I love them too! I had to stop and photo them again as I left work this afternoon. But in very different light. Yes, I am kicking around some photo ideas. Thanks!

robin andrea said...

I'm glad you took the two minutes for this.

Island Rider said...

That top photo looks like one of Clyde Butcher's!

edifice rex said...

You have GOT to get that top one printed and framed. I mean seriously.

Caroline said...

Do the spoonbills smell like the drifting peonies they resemble when they come whirling in for a landing?
Just wondering.
Pictures worth 1000 words and 2 minutes of lateness.

Aunty Belle said...

Clever last line--

an' definitely worth the 120

(P.S. word veri is becoming obnoxious wif' some of their copy signs--ick!)

Miz S said...

Amazing picture! I would buy a Pure Florida calendar in a heartbeat.

Marilyn Kircus said...

For being late a mere two minutes, you gave many more moments of pleasure, getting to share these beautiful pictures.

Villas in Orlando Florida said...

Beautiful photos! Just stunning.

Banjo52 said...

Good point, great photos.