Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall Colors In The Datil Pepper Patch

YES! I have plenty of datil pepper seeds for you. Check out the add over on the right side of Pure Florida.
This morning is breezy and the chilliest day so far of Fall 2012, so my datils may just decide to stop blooming today.

I let a lot of mine go totally ripe so I can be sure the seeds are mature and viable, but they are ready for eating when green ... and, like most fruits, picking the ripe ones keeps the blossoms coming.

Datils usually get a purple blush as they mature, but each plant is a little different.

A bonus!
The last (probably) tomato of the season.
This little tomato vine has been deer browsed, bug bit, and generally neglected, but still it perservered.

Note to self: "Heatmaster" is a pretty awesome Florida tough tomato. I've posted before about how Florida is about the worst possible place to grow tomatoes. The commercial farms around the Everglades are only able to do it with massive amounts of fungicides and pesticides since the tomato plant is not a creature of warm, wet, humid climes.

I don't use poisons in my garden, so I choose plants that can take it and accept some damage from bird,deer, and insects.
(I don't take those attacks lying down, I just use other methods that admittedly are not as effective,but also not as destructive as traditional pesticides)

All that aside, I like hybrids.
Most heirloom "pure" tomato varieties can't hack it here in Fungusland, so enjoy them if you are in the right climate, but I'll take a hybrid that allows me to grow tomatoes and NOT resort to poison.

Of course when it comes to my beloved Datil Peppers, I get all IRONCLAD PROTECTIVE and don't even grow other peppers.


A quick pick yesterday morning yielded these orange beauties for seed and consumption, as well as some ready to use, but not fully ripe green datils for sauce.

I decided to make a little batch of datil pepper relish last night, because I wanted to try freezing it, instead of labor intensive traditional canning.
I also wanted to make an FC batch that used peppers that were not seeded as the recipe calls for.
I like it hot.
I mean really hot.

So I graded tests at the kitchen table as a simmering pot filled the house with the tang of datils, vinegar, and a host of other good smells.
After it cooled, I spooned it into these freezer canning containers.

I know you want to lick the pot, but I wouldn't advise it.
Well, actually I WOULD advise it, 'cause I love this stuff and the hotter the better, but for you nonpepperheads, ... you had better pass.

So, now the experiment continues.
I have some freezing right now and later this week, I'll thaw a cup out and test it on some awesome Mayport shrimp.

Results to come.


Wally Jones said...

Okay, now I'm hungry. Wish I still had a garden.

transportation to disney said...

Seems to be a tasty and sizzling hot sauce but for non chili aficionados, tasting this hotter sauce will make them run for ice cold water.

I would like to share here that I once tasted, some kind of jalapeno chili, OMG, my tongue felt as if its on fire. By the way, love your blog, and thanks for posting.

Deb said...

Hoping to get my garden up and running next year. If I do, maybe ill try datil peppers again.
Funny thing- I just now figured out Blogger's spam quarantine system, and realized a few of your (always appreciated) comments somehow ended up there! Sorry if I didn't respond to those...I think it's fixed now.
By the way, I found out about Blogger spam after I removed word verification. I seem to have a strange inability to read and correctly interpret the characters.

Floridacracker said...

All you need is a pot for peppers. ... and some warm weather!

Thanks! Glad you enjoy PF.

Hey longtime blogger pal!
I know what you mean about word verification. Maddening sometimes. And I need yo go check my spam files too.

OTown said...

Came across you while looking around for some good Datil hot sauce. Even better I found the seeds!!! Muah ha ha. I just picked the last of my hot and sweet peppers last weekend. Threw the last of jalepenos on the grill to top the burgers. Not enough of my cyennes this year to do my usual sauces. I think my soil is sick.
:-( Can't wait to try my hand at the Datil. Feel in love with the pepper 2 years ago and protect the few Datil hot sauces I find, and use with care. Although I would love to slather it on everything. So far I love reading your blog, as a true Floridian born and raised here I can related to much of what you write. Enough rambling now. Off to keep warm, I am not liking these 40s.