Saturday, December 01, 2012

Katie Graduates!

If you have read Pure Florida for a while, or if you occasionally poke around in the older postings, you will have encountered Katie, our firstborn child.

There are posts about her birth in ... um, Georgia (for the record, we did not let her feet touch the ground until we took her home to Florida a few weeks later, so technically she was born in Florida).

There is a post about Katie standing up and running from the bow to the stern of my canoe. Honestly, the gator ahead was not that big ... I don't know what she was thinking.

There are posts of her scalloping, shooting the Glock, surfing, parasailing, snorkeling, playing soccer, cheerleadering, playing basketball (briefly ...broken nose), fishing, climbing, excelling in school, and scaring us to death with allergy attacks.

 Their are posts with her and the much beloved pack of dogs who helped raise her through the years. Her relationship with one dog in particular, a chocolate lab named Ranger, ... um, well, it still remoistens my contact lens when I picture the two of them.
Nuff said.

And there are posts, misty ones like this one, where she reaches some milestone while I try to wrap my head around the fact that time truly does fly.
 Milestones... high school graduation, first car, 18th birthday, 21st birthday, ... they're all here in the back channels of Pure Florida.

Yet another ...

This week, she will graduate with honors from the University of South Florida. Today, we'll celebrate her accomplishment by the side of a river with family, friends, ... and food, lots of food ... this is Katie we're talking about.

Congratulations Katie ... we love you.


Charlie said...

Quite an accomplishment for her, as she is quite an accomplishment for you and your family.

Thanks for all the connection points through the years of this continuing story...

threecollie said...

Congratulations to her and to the whole Pure Florida family on this major accomplishment.

Sayre said...

I keep trying to slow time down, but it's not working... My boy is a teen now when he was only just learning to walk a few days ago!!!

Congratulations to Katie - and to you and Mrs. FC. You two had a lot to do with what happens today as well!

Jenifer Marx said...

What a happy day! You all certainly have done things tight. Congratulations!

Deb said...

I was just wondering not too long ago how your kids were doing- guess this answers it! Congratulations Katie!

cinbad122 said...

WAHOOOOO!!!! She made it! Congrats Papa Bear! :D

Floridacracker said...

Thank you. We are pretty happy with the way she turned out.

Thanks! We had a good celebration.

Let me know if you figure that time slowing thing out. I'm in.

Thanks! At least the things we did wrong seem to have had no lasting effect. LOL!

I always feel like we have watched each other's kids grow up here on the blogosphere even though we have never really met.

Double WAHOOOOO!!!!
I see a day in the near future when she takes over her own cell phone bill and car insurance.
It's a beautiful thing.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to All on a job well done.

robin andrea said...

So happy for Katie! Congratulations to her and mazel tov to the whole family!

PS It's raining like crazy here in the Sierra foothills. We haven't seen the sun (or the moon or jupiter) since Wednesday. The iridescent cloud pics on the blog were from last Sunday. When this "atmospheric river" finally moves past us, I think we'll have gotten more than 10 inches of rain.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all of you on this milestone in Katie's life.

Aunty Belle said...

Katie-chile'!! Oh this is a lovely post--congratulations to all the clan, an to that lovely young lady who done her mama an' daddy proud!

We all know that whar'ever yore next adventure takes ya', Katie, youse gonna shine. Heartfelt congratulations, Sweet Pea.

I can see ya' now--all puffed up an' proud. Good job, Daddy. An' 'tween us, Autny wuz real pleased to see them pictures--the choc Lab, a' that baby being christened, very beautiful.

( oh mercy--the word verify---aqrrrgghh! )

edifice rex said...

Congratulations Katie Bug!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey FC,

Wow, congratulations to Katie! I wish her much success in her future. You guys must be so proud of your kids. One more to go!


Wally Jones said...

Congratulations! You do your best then pray a lot! Looks like it worked!

Dani said...

Way to go Katie!!

Island Rider said...

How did I miss this? Congrats to Katie and to dad and mom!

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