Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sara N. Dippity + Fender Bender = New Puppies

I have a free dollop of time and can share how a bit of serendipity and a minor car accident brought the lab pups, Coquina and Peanut, into our lives.

First, let's go back in time a few weeks...

Mrs. FC was running errands in town on a Friday evening. Her list included a stop at Winn Dixie, Mya's Chinese Restaurant, and finally, Walmart.

She called me as she headed out of Mya's and across the highway to Walmart...

" Hey, I've got the Chinese and I'm running into Walmart for ..."
At this point there was an unusual noise over the phone and she said, "OH! SOMEBODY JUST RAN INTO ME!"

"Are you alright?"

"Yes, it was just a bump ... I'm pulling over  ... call you back in a minute."

In the background I could hear a youngish male voice say, " Ma'am, are you okay?"

And then the phone call terminated.

A few minutes later she called back.

It seems a teenage boy in a well worn truck had bumped her truck from behind. I asked the usual questions about her, our truck, and his truck ... yes, in that order.

  • She was fine.
  • He was fine.
  • His truck had noticeable damage.
  • Our truck had a scrape on the rear fender and a quarter size dent below the tail light.
She asked me if she should call the police for a report.
I automatically said yes, and then she explained that this teenage boy had been a complete gentleman, helpful, apologetic, and aware that he had made the mistake.

I said, " For insurance purposes, we need to get that police report."

"Are you sure we need to do that this time? This kid is so sweet and it's not really a noticeable dent."

I could see where this was going, and truly, a tiny dent on a 1997 truck doesn't necessarily warrant a good kid having his insurance jump up ... especially since according to her, he was the one who was going to have a repair bill.

So, I told her, "You make the call. If there's no other damage and you can live with a dimple in your truck, then I'm good with whatever you decide.  You need to do a check though and make sure the tail gate opens and closes properly, the blinkers work, and take a look underneath that area just to be sure before you let him off."

She stayed on the line while the checks were made and I could hear this very polite young man calling out to her as she checked the turn signals and even reminding her to check her brake lights too.

In the end, she let him go with a reminder to be more careful as this could have gone in a totally different direction.

(Later in the week she found out from a coworker that this kid was a really good guy who fixed up a car so his Mom could have one to use for getting to work and school)

The accident did change her plans for Walmart though and she just wanted to come home.
"Walmart can wait until tomorrow"

Saturday morning, she drove into Chiefland for the postponed Walmart trip.

She had not been gone very long when I got a call from her ...

"DON'T go to Walmart today."

"Why? Is it crazy busy?"

"NO ... they are giving away free Lab pups out in the parking lot."

"They are probably some pit bull cross and they are passing them off as Labs." I replied cynically.

"No, I can see Sheila (a friend) holding one and believe me, they are Labs."

"Did you get one yet?"


"Life is short."

"Okay, I'm pulling in to check them out. Call you back."

A few minutes went by... and my phone went off again.

"I'm holding the cutest little chocolate lab girl. The are real Labs. We're getting this one."


"You need to come get her, because I still have that shopping to do and now I need to get puppy food, dog toys, etc."

When I got there 15 minutes later, there was a beautiful chocolate lab puppy and a handsome yellow lab puppy left. We called our daughter Emma and told her there was an lab pup available if she wanted it ... she had been looking for a pup.

Emma didn't hesitate, so I drove home with two pups that day.

So ... you have already figured out the role Ms. Sara N. Dippity played in all this right?

If the teenage boy had not rear-ended Mrs. FC, she would have finished her Walmart trip that evening and never have been in the parking lot the next day in time to get the last 2 puppies from a litter of 9 blacks, yellows, and chocolates.

I call it serendipity, because I'm partial to the randomness of Ms. Sara's appearances.

There was a car accident involved so others may see it as a bit of ...







Lisa at Greenbow said...

Lucky yous. Sweet ending.

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Love - Love - Love baby puppies!! AND big dogs after they grow up!! I'm still trying to get a sissy for Augie!!

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

BTW- Happy Birthday!

cinbad122 said...

They are so sweet! Make sure we get lots of posts about their adventures.

ChrisC said...

OMG! Those puppies are adorable.We have been looking for another Lab to replace the our girl,who we had to put down 15 years ago.But none have measured up to her.
Glad it was just a fender-bender and no one was hurt.

threecollie said...

Didn't Bear and Gumbo come from a parking lot too? You are remarkably lucky that way. Lovely pups!

Pablo said...

This post would have been perfect if you hadn't put that pun at the end!

Island Rider said...

So, the next time I want a puppy, instead of surfing the Internet, I should just come and sit outside your Wal-Mart? They are very cute. Soon, we will have two puppies in our house, too. I think we must be a little crazy.

Island Rider said...

PS Belated Happy Birthday. I forgot your birthday was the same as oldest son's, the UWF grad, park ranger following in your footsteps. Funny, you both got puppies for your birthday!

Deb said...

I don't know if I would be able to resist a free lab--what luck! And, from the comments above I guess I should say happy birthday!

Rick said...

Awesome dogs, and the young man got a break. Its all good!

robin andrea said...

Another wonderful Sara N Dippity story! Love those pups! Happy birthday!

cus Tina said...

Puppy kisses are the best. Funny how our dogs pick us out of all the homes they could go to. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

OMG! Bless that Sara! Cute, cute cute!

FITMeteorologist said...

I can see all is well down in God's country.
Greetings from an old friend in snowy New York...

-(Grown up) HurricaneTeen :)

Floridacracker said...

Hey y'all,
Thanks for the birthday and happy puppy wishes.
I have to tell you about the 2.5 hour JEEP ride with Emma, the 2 pups, and big Bear. It's another post and yes, there is poop.

... now Pablo, it would hardly be an FC post without a pun.

...Cathy S, Happy Birthday (belated) to your son!

... yes, 3C, Bear is All Because of Walmart.

Mrs. Irizarry said...

I knew who the kid was as soon as I read the tale. I reminded him in class today that he was a lucky boy.

Juli said...

I have a black lab/pit mix and he's awesome. Tsk tsk for your cynicism. :)

Floridacracker said...

Thanks for that input! How cool is that?

LOL! I deserve that tsk tsk.

Aunty Belle said...

Heh....reckon Sara N. Dippity AND CARma be at work- ya done a sweet thang to let that boy-chile wif' good manners have a wee break, so next day youse rewarded fer yore kindneSs wif' two new -- and free!-- puppies. Very cool, FC.

Mark P said...

Isn't it interesting how old Sara does things? And you're going to have to space those puppy pictures out. Too much cute at one time.

Julie Zickefoose said...

I admire the joie de vivre, the esprit du corps, and the total forgiveness you all show. I have a soft spot for polite teenagers, too. Our insurance has leapt for a rear-ender. Why she chose to rear-end the car of a classmate whose father is a patrolman, only Sara N. Dippity knows.
As for Coquina and Peanut, do they know they've been dropped into Dog Heaven? With lots of water? I suspect they do.
Extra kisses to Bear.
Y'all are crazy, you know that? Now you have a pack!

Raleigh Crowl said...

‘SARA N. Dippity’ and ‘Carma’ – You do know some cute wordplay. :) All in all, it’s nice to hear that the story ended happily. I was actually too absorbed reading that I was supplying the possible scenes. I thought it was the young man who bumped into the truck who gave you the labs! :D On another note, it was good that you insist for her to make a police report. It was just lucky that this accident was one those which gets resolved through both parties’ diplomacy.

Cristy Witherspoon said...

When people get into an accident, they normally exchange blows just to prove to themselves that it wasn’t their fault. Well, it’s good to know that on your situation, both of you had a nice conversation and resolved all your concerns. If other people kept their composure, they will also end up having a nice discussion and settle things properly.

Anonymous said...

An accident and a new puppy? There are really lots of things to be thankful for. First, for Mrs. FC for being safe after the accident. She’s very lucky. An accident can be very overwhelming, especially when the other driver wouldn’t cooperate. And lastly, for your puppy. It looks very sweet. Just make sure to train him well so he won't bite anyone in your family or someone in the neighborhood.

Cheryl @