Friday, February 01, 2013

Beach Pups, Great Whites Who Tweet, and Poop In Your Tilley Hat

Bear sniffs for signs of Mary Lee, the  16.5 foot, 3600 pound, GPS tracking,  transponder wearing,   great white shark that was about 200 feet off a nearby beach a few weeks ago.
Mary Lee has a transponder on her dorsal fin and every time she breaks the surface with that terrifying triangle, her beacon "tweets" her location via satellite to the folks who wrangled her and attached it.

Bear is always on the lookout for such things ... squirrels, UPS trucks, and great white sharks are high on his watch list.

The pups, Coquina and Peanut, waited impatiently for the "all clear" from big Bear.

While they waited, Coquina pondered the awesomeness of a shark both longer and heavier than the red JEEP that brought her to the beach.
Peanut chose to put his leash through a chew test.

When Bear gave the "OK" woof, the pups raced for the surf in true Moon Doggie mode.

Afterwards, at Peanut's request, Coquina did a quick sniff test to determine if his deodorant was still working.

It was.

Of course, since dogs don't sweat like us, it wasn't a valid test, but we didn't have the heart to tell the pups.

Beside it was a cold winter day ... who needs deodorant on a day like that?

The water was cold, the air was crisp, and after a good romp,  3 wet dogs were eager to get back in the JEEP for the 2.5 hour ride across the state.

Yes, that would be me, Emma, Coquina, Peanut, and 100 pound Bear ... all in a JEEP Wrangler.

And this is a REAL JEEP Wrangler ... not one of these new stretched and cushified new "jeeps".

No sir, mine is short and cramped like a JEEP should be.

And did I mention that Coquina had some ... digestive issues about halfway through that ride ...


... that my expensive Tilley Hat must have resembled a toilet to her?

And I was worried they might "chew" on it during the ride.

Silly me.

You can see a short GoPro video of the pups at the beach below:


Dina J said...

When I first read the beginning of the post I thought "Wasn't that shark on the other side of the state?" Then I read you were on the other side of the state.

Those puppies are too cute for words. I'm going to save the video to favs at work and watch it whenever I'm pissed off at someone here (which is often).

It looked like they were a little aprehensive to go farther in the water about halfway through the video.

threecollie said...

Sea dogs!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I give this post a high "Awww" factor. Sweet doggies.

Sharon said...

Ohmygoodness that is almost too much cuteness!! Love them.

Pablo said...

Adorable pups in the surf.

It was 7 degrees here today. Will be more than three times that tomorrow!

Dani said...

Cuteness overload!

Deb said...

When I showed The Hermit the pups he asked "is that snow on the ground?" That St. Augustine sand is as white as I remember it.

Anonymous said...

Cutest water babies I ever saw!

Anonymous said...

Your pups are so cute!
Thanks for posting the link to the shark tracking website. I didn't know a website like that existed!
The photos are incredible.

crybrug said...

Sorry to hear about the hat. The pups look like they are loving the new family. Always loved taking the dog to the beach.

robin andrea said...

Cute puppies at the beach!

Sayre said...

Tilleys wash, don't they?

What age do puppies learn to swim? They seemed a bit unsure for a minute there. Or maybe it was the temperature that made them hesitate?

THey sure are gorgous puppies! Bear must be a proud uncle.

Julie Zickefoose said...

Shark tracking!! Ahhhgk! Off to check it out.
Puppies on beach, better than snakes on a plane.
BTW how's Zick doing?

cinbad122 said...

Puppy awesomeness! Also, that great white was spotted up north again this week.

Anonymous said...

Hey FC,

How cute they are. Thought I heard a little puppy bark at 35 seconds! Raf!

Keep the baby pictures coming!


Sandcastle Momma said...

Those pups are too cute! I've never been scared of sharks but if Mary Lee shows up in the Gulf I may change my mind about that! Love the video!

Heri said...

Cool ..... for 2 peliharaanya could dare to play in the water.