Monday, February 18, 2013


The North Florida Rugged Maniac Run was a crazy, fun, blast!

Plus, we got this awesome T-shirt !
Our Team:
Stuart and Francesco

Stuart, Me, and my cousin Rick (Stuart's Dad)
This is how we looked before the mud.

It was cold with a forecast that predicted possible snow flurries in North Florida.

We were not deterred.

Rugged Maniac was fun with some pretty creatively designed obstacles packed into the 5K run.
The final water slide was a good fast one, but you won't see it on the video below since yours truly fumbled the GoPro record button.

Take my word for it, the slide was tall and fast.

I did exercise some restraint in putting the video together this time.
The last one was 27 minutes long ... this one is only twelve.

Be kind to "shoe lady".
On the video as she goes by in another lane, she stops and asks me to "run her shoes over to the finish line".
Now, we were only at mile 2 of a 3.1 mile race so it seemed kind of odd and you can sense my perplexicity when she makes the request.

I'm not sure she realized how much race there was to go.

It was one more funny moment in a day full of fun.

Be patient in the dark tunnel.
I didn't edit it, because I wanted you to experience how long that dark void was.

The outdoor showers in 60 degree weather with a brisk wind were chilly, but the water was 72 degree well water, so it actually felt pretty good.

As soon as the hose shower was over, it was ice cube city!!

See you at the next mud run!!

Enjoy the video!


Rick said...

Thanks, your video showed how demanding the obstacles were. Best run yet for me. Now to get ready for the 8 mile run in May.

cinbad122 said...

Love it! I need to do one.

Anonymous said...

Hey FC,

Wow, great race. Seemed "cleaner" than the last one there. No cow poop.

You're pretty impressive!


crybrug said...

wow. Sure looks like fun. Thank you for sharing.

pablo said...

I can't imagine what the release form must have been like.

But until they incorporate pterodactyls and lava fields, I think I'll just stick to road races.

Floridacracker said...

It was a blast! I'm glad we get a chance to get together for these challenges! The 8 mile SuperHero Intimidator race looms ahead like Godzilla on the horizon.

Well then, sign up for the Nov 16 SuperHero Scramble 5K! Junior is in and soon Jonathan will be. 11:30 wave is our wave!

As far as I know, this one was cow poop free! I was imPRESSed into the mud, the slime, and the water.

Crazy fun and all for the price of a trip to the movies with popcorn and Coke.
I'm a fan.

I feel a cave man reference in there somewhere. We're short on lava fields here, but I'm convinced we have pterodactyls
here in FL. :)

Sandcastle Momma said...

I loved the video! And was very impressed that you didn't seem winded. If they'd have thrown in a snake or two you'd have taken first place! Good job FC

Floridacracker said...

A pit of snakes would have added a nice zing to the race.

Floridacracker said...

The release forms for these things usually include the phrase, "I realize I may die."

Julie Zickefoose said...

"I realize I may die...." of claustrophobia in the tunnel with no light...
Your blog smokes out my phobias.
Good thing I love snakes and insects. Seriously, it looks like a ton o' fun. Wondering if you have a special set of clothes and shoes just for Superhero challenges at this point.

Floridacracker said...

I do!
New trail running shoes,but I do have mudrun clothes that only come out for the events.