Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nano Snake: Meet The Ringneck

This little beauty was cruising down the middle school hallway here at Cedar Key School last week. A kind hearted staff member rescued it and brought it to me for rehabitatinization.

Ringnecks are tiny, well mannered snakes with a plain topcoat, but a wild underside.

They are usually found under stuff. Under is good if you are a little burrower who hunts small critters in the soil and leaf litter.

Leave a piece of carpet in a quiet area of a woodsy habitat and then peek under it once in awhile, you'll probably meet up with a ringneck snake if you live in their zone.

The "Ring".

This little snake hung out with us for a day until I had time to grab a few photos.
As soon as these shots were completed, I set my hand down in a good leaf littery bit of my forest and zip! ... he was gone.

So we've seen the small cornsnake, "Don Pedro" ... (short for "Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles") ... and now we've seen an even smaller herp.

Next up, a tiny diamondback.

He's a snail munching rascal who showed up here at school also.

Tomorrow is his day.


threecollie said...

Aha! A snake that occurs here too! What a beauty.

Island Rider said...

We get those ring necks inside my office and we all steal and act like it is a python!

robin andrea said...

Love that flashy underside! What a little beauty.

myamuhnative said...

I've always liked them even if they do have a musky stink when you handle them.
Do you know if Braminy blind snakes are found in this area?

Katherine Edison said...

Great photos of a fabulous little snake!

Jason R said...

Here's an even smaller snake sometimes found in Florida. But it is an exotic.

Bramhiny blind snake (Ramphotyphlops braminus)

lisa said...

He's pretty! Do you have problems with the giant snails they were talking about on the news?

Pablo said...

I've found them a few times in my woods in Missouri as well. I take it as a sign of a healthy forest.

Thanks for sharing these nifty photos.

Ericka said...

we have similar snakes in ohio, but their ring is yellow.

beautiful little snake!

Aunty Belle said...

Reckon yore school needs a Critter Control posse.

He's cute, but, he's still a slithery thang.

Hope all y'all is well at PFHQ

Wendy said...

We found one of these in our yard the other day - I had no clue what it was just knew it was pretty.