Thursday, July 25, 2013


Hey Coquina, let's go down to the pond!

"Ok, Big Brother!"

"We can race to the fish toy.
I'll give you a head start."

"Ready, Set,  ..."

"I win!"

"Give it up Keena, this fish is mine!"

"Not so fast, Bear, I'm still in this fight!"


"Uh oh! Here he comes!"

"You're mine now, Keena!"

"Oh crap! He's got his BEAR FACE on!"
"My only chance is to go deep!"

"I'll go this way ... yikes! Here he comes!"

"Maybe I should go the other way!"

"Ack! He's everywhere! Hard left!"

"I'm locked on like a Sidewinder missile, Keena. Give it up!"

"Okay, one last dive before we go in."

"That was fun and you know what comes next?"

"A bath?"

"No, Bear, we always get a treat after pond play!"

" Thanks Dad for letting us pond play!
... now about that treat..."


Anonymous said...

Really cute! I'm assuming there are no alligators in that pond?

Caroline said...

Labrador = wet dog. Isn't that the dictionary definition??

robin andrea said...

They are so cute! Love how they play together.

Thunder said...

Fun stuff!

Dawn said...

I love dogs, especially Labs!

Anonymous said...

Great dogs. Love 'em! Bear reminds me of my black lab mix.

Anonymous said...

What a smile provoking post! Beautiful pups.

Sayre said...

What lucky pups! We don't have anywhere nearby without alligators in there that they can play in. They're kind of everywhere this year!

Floridacracker said...

Thanks all! Glad the pups made you smile. As to the alligator question, mostly I NEVER let my dogs swim in FL freshwater.

BUT, this is my pond and it has literally gone from dry to nicely full in the last 3 weeks and its small. So its both easy to monitor for Gators and not likely to have one since it is newly filled with no adjacent gatory habitat nearby. I do scan for red eyes at night too.

Aunty Belle said...

since we lost our clan labs this year, mebbe I could rent yore Bear fer a week ?

GIRL Salat? really? wif' beets? Doan beets make it robust an' manly? No?? Well, come write me a man salat.

Hug Bear fer me...sigh, wee little tear.

Floridacracker said...

Oh Aunty... I remember shedding a tear reading about your doggy loss this year. I identified so much with what you said about him.
Now on the lighter side... that purty and delicate "salad " with a wee bit of this and a few strands of that laid artfully thissythstaway was designed to please the female eye not the male stomach. I've seen more vegetation on a Publix sub.
...but it made ya happy and that makes me smile.

(Search Selmo Salad on this here blog for a real salad)