Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Yesterday, I reclaimed my large blueberry patch from the trumpet creeper, grass, and smilax invaders that threatened to completely submerge it. During this task, I needed a tool from the nearby barn, so I headed that way only to find this beautiful grey ratsnake sliding out of the barn with a belly full of prey.

YES! Longtime readers who remember the Rats of NIMH post know I did battle with a diabolically clever wood rat who systematically disabled every Anti-Rat device known to man.

Sure, ... I don't really KNOW what that bulge is inside the ratsnake, but since the wrens finished nesting and fledged babies in the barn a month ago, I'm pretty sure it's not baby bird.
No,  I'm going to assume that bulge is a mouse or rat who had their chewing plans for my barn contents disrupted, squeezed, constricted, and generally cancelled.

Or maybe it was a nest of squirrels ... that would be awesome too as I am swimming in them and the scuppernongs are on the cusp of ripening.

I was so happy to see this healthy big rat snake in my barn that for once, I resisted the urge/habit/instinct to catch it for a few minutes of bonding. We stared at each other for a moment while I took a few photos, and then she went off to the wood pile behind the barn.

Stay hungry my friend.



Cuz tina said...

Obviously I have never thanked a snake for anything except scaring the beejeebers outta me!

Dawn said...

I have the red variety in my yard. They chill in the high fronds of the palm trees and scare the life out of us when they 'thwomp' to the floor if we start trimming dead fronds. I just have a longggggg stick handy, I let them climb onto and then very carefully put them on a high location away from foot traffic. I value their purpose in our yard, they can eat a squirrel anytime here!

Mark P said...

Nice looking snake. Snakes are really shy around our house, probably because of all the cats.

I wish I could say that the muscadines are ripening here, but I haven't seen any sign of even the smallest so far.

pablo said...

"disrupted, squeezed, constricted, and generally cancelled."

Nice turn of phrase!

threecollie said...

So few snakes here this summer. Garters, but only garters. Where have all the milk snakes gone, I wonder. Great luck to have one that comes right over for dinner!

lisa said...

I would think of happy thoughts, it was a rat!

Dani said...

I need more snakes in my yard. Damn rats are already taking off with my grapes. GGGRRRRRR