Sunday, October 27, 2013


I am in that happy situation where the drive to work takes me through farm and forest ... and then near the end, ... I drive out to sea on a narrow causeway.

It is always a challenge for me to keep on driving on those days, (and there are many of them), when the Sun is doing something amazing as it comes into view once again over the Cedar Key estuary.

Confession: Sometimes I stop and take it all in for a little while.
 These photos were all taken between about 7:20ish am and 7:24ish am.

To me the subtle changes in those 4ish minutes were worth the diversion to the boat ramp next to the Marine Research Station and worth not getting to work as early as I had planned.

The clouds add as much as the red Sun in these photos.

Zoomed in a wee bit on this one so the perspective has changed.

By the time my 4 minutes had passed, the deep crimson was washing out and I could tell it was time to continue on my journey to work.

I mark these as 4 precious minutes well spent.


Suzanne said...

So, so beautiful. I used to live in Virginia Beach and loved hearing the the waves and smelling the delicious smell of the water. I had a moment of remembering zen staring at your pictures. Thank you for that.

roger said...

"I mark these as 4 precious minutes well spent." amen to that. always good to leave a bit of time for random life enjoyment.

robin andrea said...

It just takes a minute (or four) of looking up to be enriched for the whole day. Beautiful, beautiful sky there.

Julie Zickefoose said...

This time of year, driving anywhere is a great big treat for me. It's Sky Appreciation Time. Cloud Appreciation Time. If my kids get sick of my pointing out amazing light and cloud conditions they never say so. I love them for that. Linger, FC!

Mark P said...

If it only costs four minutes to stop and appreciate that, it is, indeed, time well spent.

Floridacracker said...

Thanks all, ... and if you love sky pictures, keep an eye on Robin and roger's blog. There are awesome western sky photos there frequently.

Linda said...

Glorious captures!

lotta joy said...

Either my husband yells at me to "COME SEE THIS!" or I yell the same thing to him. Then we both stare in quiet amazement at the sunsets down here. And it's a good thing we get enthralled by the sky, because in three years I've yet to actually see the ocean on the Nature Coast unless we can drive forever to the Causeway, or find a long pier that doesn't have rich condos taking up the view.

This might be the blog I need to read some back posts. I'm trying to settle into loving Florida, but it's been hard so far.