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Finally! I have a few minutes to review the Florida Savage Race held on October 19, 2013. I've been doing lots of mudrun/obstacle races this year, but this was my first SAVAGE RACE ... mainly because it's a more expensive race than most.
I ran this one solo, since nobody else in my clan signed up, and that put me in the minority since most folks were running either with friends or as part of an organized team.

This was really a quality race, long (7.1 miles) and nicely studded with quality obstacles that were fun and challenging.
I would definitely do this one again, especially with company as the fun level doubles if you have at least one other bud or buddette running with you.

There were a lot of great obstacles and I GoPro filmed most of them from my POV, but I only selected a few for this post. You can see them all as I saw them at my YouTube Channel.

I give the SAVAGE RACE folks lots of credit for clever obstacle names ... Nut Smasher for this one, Shriveled Richard for the 35,000 pounds of ice slush bath obstacle, and Colon Blow for a tunnel experience in a series of tight culverts.

"Sawtooth" is one of 2 obstacles that I had some doubts about completing ... not serious doubts, but just a little concern. I had never come across a monkey bar obstacle that went up, then down, then up, then down before this one.Standing there in line waiting to go and watching younger runners give up and drop into the water, did not do anything to reassure me.
As it turned out, it was hard, but the center "V" that I had been concerned about worked out for me and suddenly I was touching ground again on the other side.
I think you can here the surprise in my voice when that happens on the video.
(And yes I couldn't resist announcing my age ... take that 20 and 30 somethings who couldn't do it! Just kidding kids)

Colossus (above video) was the only obstacle that caused me true doubt. It seemed so big and so challenging ... I confess to wondering, "Gee I hope there's a ladder so I can still do the slide if I fail the obstacle."
Pre-race, I did watch a YouTube video on how to beat this obstacle ... the main message was to run like hell  up the curved slope to get as high as possible before grabbing the short rope for the final climb. "Your momentum will carry you up the slope".
It worked, although I slipped and almost fumbled the rope when I went to grab it. I recovered though and although the guys at the crest showed me where the lip was as I reached over the top, I did all the climbing myself so I now OWN Colossus.
In the video I stopped to help another runner who was peaking just before the peak. She did a great job whoever she was and just needed a tug to finish on her own.
Helping each other is infectious on these runs and one of the best things about obstacle racing.
The sheer drop water slide after the climb is AWESOME, but over too fast!
Crazy fun!

This series of walls and barbed wire was long and exhausting.

Savage Race had the longest mud under barbed wire crawl that I have experienced yet! It was crazy long  ... I kept looking up, expecting to see the end and it just went on and on.

These leaps look CRAZY HIGH when you are standing on the platform and people who stand up there too long sometimes back out. The secret is to not dally up there, but go for it as soon as it's clear below.

The obstacle I knew I would do, but still dreaded, was this one ... "TAZED".
It starts as an under the barbed wire crawl ... no big deal, but then the last 5 feet or so have dangling yellow wires ... some of them are electrically charged and some are not. You don't know until you touch them.
I counted 3 good shocks and the best one caused the left side of my face to clench tight for a second.
My technique was just barrel through them as fast as you can ... getterdone!!

So, there were 30 obstacles, most of which are on my YouTube channel as mentioned earlier. I just picked these few for their challenge, fun, or downright insanity.

I rate the SAVAGE RACE as an A+ experience.

  1. Very organized check in with helpful people at the packet pickup and check-in.
  2. Obstacles are creative and challenging. SAVAGE does not count every mud puddle as an obstacle.
  3. Great attitudes of staff and runners.
  4. Generous water stations.
  5. Beautiful venue.
  6. Fun after party/beer/music time.
  7. Cool medal and shirt.
This is a great race and worth the price, although I do wish it was a little more affordable.
I will be back!

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