Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Datil Pepper Seeds For Sale

Once again I am loaded with genetically pure, real heirloom Datil Pepper seeds grown here on my isolated farm site deep in the Florida woods.

These are real St. Augustine heirloom seeds handed down through generations of my family and nurtured here away from any other pepper varieties that might cross pollinate, and thus dilute the Pure Florida Datil power of this unique and flavorful pepper.

If you've visited St. Augustine and tasted bottled Datil pepper sauce on a restaurant table, or perhaps bought a bottle of ... (shudder)... mass produced Datil sauce, you MUST grow your own and taste the difference.

Yes, the store bought stuff is tasty, but the homemade sauce is FANTASTIC!
I'll send you two recipes, one for a tomato based sauce and another for a quick Datil pepper vinegar. Both are easy recipes and they will outshine any store bought sauce full of corn syrup, soy products, and preservatives like sodium benzoate.

Plus, once you have your own pepper bushes, you can experiment with fresh Datils and come up with your own awesome recipes!

My goal is simple, to spread the hot and delicious flavor of the Datil pepper. They will grow anywhere peppers can be grown and they are started and cultivated the same as any pepper. My germination rate is usually 90+% , but be patient, they take about 10 days to break the soil.
They are crazy productive so you will get more peppers than you can use from even a few plants.

So, now you're thinking, "HOW DO I GET SOME?!!!"

Like this:
Either mail me a fat 5 dollar bill to:
3150 NW 50th Avenue
Chiefland, FL 32626


Use PayPal to electronically pay the 5 dollars.
My PayPal account is
PayPal is the fastest way to get your seeds as I am notified immediately.

Either way, I send you 20+ real Datil pepper seeds and 2 recipes usually by the very next day.

Let's do this.



roger said...

i have grown them in port townsend wa. still have seeds. probably not all good. as it may be a year or more (gasp) till we have agarden again i'll wait to get fresh seeds.

unique taste, well to me anyway. and quite hot.

Floridacracker said...

You were my first far north customer!
Since then they have gone north many times.
I respect the challenge of growing any pepper in the north. So easy down here.

edifice rex said...

The wonderful neurologist at UAB that is helping me bought some seeds from you last year I think. He was very pleased with them and grew a LARGE, prolific pepper plant(s).

mymuhnative said...

Thanks for introducing me to the best peppers ever.
I'm a convert!
Datils rule!
I made your relish with my first crop and it was so good I wanted to eat it with a spoon.
Next batch I got carried away and perhaps added too many peppers-had to actually recook it so I could eat it (and I think that is a first for me!)
Found a happy medium for introducing Datils to the folks that are skeered of hot stuff-Kumquat-Datil marmalade. Yum !

Minnie said...

The seeds - the first I've bought this year - arrived. Looking forward to growing season and trying out the recipes.

Floridacracker said...

Hey Annie, roger, Myamuh, and Minnie!
Man I love hearing Datil stories, thank you for taking the time. I planted a few datil seeds last week in a flat just to check my germination rate. Takes about ten days without bottom heat so I'm about halfway.
I've babied 2 individual bushes through this winter just to see how they produce the 2nd year.

Anonymous said...

My seeds are sprouting vigorously. Now I just have to find space for them as they mature. I have to return to the Frozen North for a few days. I have cobbled together a contraption made of PVC, a left-over garden fountain pump and a Raspberry Pi to keep them moist while I'm away. I hope the chilly air later this week is not a problem.

Dianne Hewitt said...

Got my Datil seeds last week and just stuck them in the pots today and thought I'd use the heating pad to accelerate germination since it will be cool again this week. Love, love, love datils. Sill have some seeds from last year but your datils looked so healthy I wanted to try them out for comparison. Will be careful to not cross-pollinate. Peppergal

Kort said...

Ordered some Ray. We'll see how they grow down in the Palm Beach area. Standard pottings soil is good?

Tony Hylinski said...

Got seeds this year? Mine got accidentally tossed..

Anonymous said...

Have seeds this year

Sunny said...

I have ordered from you twice and the peppers are amazing! I have made the tomato base sauce which is the very best and have made pepper jelly which we eat on crackers with cream cheese and everyone goes crazy for this! I want to get more seeds to send to my sister in Virginia to see if she can grow them there.

Avir said...

Hello Raymond.

I love your Datil operation. Can you let me what is the cost for your seeds?

Please contact me at