Saturday, April 19, 2014



These balance beams wiggle when you get to the middle and they were eating people up as evidenced by the folks in front of me and the splashes you hear as I cross.
Really challenging ... At one point, I was standing on my right leg only with my left one up, arms extended, trying to balance as the beam turned to jello.
Pretty sure I looked like the Karate Kid at that moment, but in the end, I kicked the beam's butt!

The Tough Wall ...
There are 2 options at this obstacle, which consists of two vertical walls ... 8 feet high.
One has some 2x4 cleats nailed to it to provide some toe and finger grips.
The other, has one 2X4 at the very bottom, and then it's a sheer wall.
I did the tougher option and had the arm bruise to prove it afterwards, but this obstacle did not defeat me either ... unlike the obstacle nemesis from Hell ... the Rings.
(Yes, I have video of my failure also ... on YouTube.)

The FL-ROC run just keeps getting better with new obstacles every year. Right now through Sunday (April 20,2014) you can register for just $39.00 base price.

Use the discount code, "ROC39" to save big.

With the mandatory insurance, the total will come out to around $42.90.

The price will just keep rising as Summer comes and then fades into October. Buy it now if you think this sounds like fun.

I am running the 10:00 am wave, so come on! Let's run together!


robin andrea said...

That balance beam looks very challenging. The wall looks IMPOSSIBLE!

Pablo said...

I give you big props for doing these, but I'm gonna stick with road races. (Do they have roads in this place you call Florida?)

R.Powers said...

There's a point as you go over the wall where it briefly FEELS impossible too. :)

Roman Mirskiy said...

Manatees in Florida.

Carol said...

Sounds like fun....ever do a "Tough Mudder"?