Thursday, April 30, 2015

What To Take To A Mudrun

Why reinvent the wheel?

I did my first "mud run obstacle course" (OCR's) in July of 2012.
It was the Superhero Scramble in Waldo, Florida and I went in clueless.

Since then, I've done over a dozen of these OCR events and I've learned a few things about both the obstacles and the aftermath.

This post is just an FYI of what I take and how I deal with the after race cleanup.
Since none of the OCR's in Florida happen in my isolated rural county, I always have a long drive to a run. The usual drive is about 2 hours.
I tell you that, so you can see why I do what follows.

 I realize that if the race is a few miles from your home, there would not be a huge need for my procedures.

Here are my suggestions:

Bring some post race chow and hydration. You just ran 3 to 8 miles and climbed through and over 25 obstacles. Time to refuel. Bring at least enough to get you back to civilization and the nearest Chipotles!!

Bring a complete change of clothes.
Don't forget dry shoes!

Changing can get pretty interesting after a race. You can clean up while still wearing your muddy togs, but at some point you have to get "nekkid" if you are changing into clean clothes for a long ride home.

People handle that in lots of ways. Some groups hold a tarp around each other, others have a little tent, many drape a few towels over the car windows and do a 

quick "change-a-roo" in the car... my personal favorite.

Rarely are there changing tents and the only one I ever used was wide open inside with one flimsy hanging partition separating male and female areas.

Dry clothes! 
They feel so good after being wet and muddy for an hour or two.
This type of "all in one" body wash product is great for mudrun cleanup.
The bottles of water in the first picture of this post are for the post run clean up.
Ideally, you rinse off the easy stuff at the race rinse station (often crowded and with low pressure hoses), and then you use the jugs of water to clean up at your vehicle.
Take off as much muddy clothing as you can... don't get arrested... and use the water efficiently to get clean.
I like a couple of gallons per person.

It's amazing how much better you feel after washing the bugs, sticks, and mud off your battered body and mane.

If you wear contacts like me, bring your saline.
Actually, it's a good idea even if you don't wear contacts.
It works great for rinsing dirt or grit out of your eyes after a run.

Bring sunscreen for the run too.
You will be out in the open for a few hours and in Florida, that's all it takes to get fried.

My list for the run and post run goes something like this:

  • GoPro -charged with fresh memory card.
  • GoPro - head mount.
  • Extra safety pins for your bibb. 
  • Running shoes
  • Running clothes - shorts, shirt, socks (avoid regular t-shirts and shorts - they just get soggy and heavy  - go snug and dri-fit materials.
  • Change of clothes for afterwards, don't forget fresh shoes!
  • Soft soap
  • Beach towel
  • Scrubbie thingie
  • Hair brush
  • Pre and Post race snacks, I like Zone Perfect bars for pre-race, washed down with a sport drink. 
  • GU Roctane gel or Chomps or both to stuff in your shorts and refuel mid race. Great stuff.
  • Sunscreen
  • Cash for parking ... usually $10.
  • Bring cash if you plan to buy any goodies or a beer beyond the free one you will earn.
  • Your signed "I know I may die" race waiver form.
  • Your ID.
  • Gloves ... I like Gorilla Gloves, thin, snuggy/stretchy, grippy and only about $5 a pair. These really help gripping wet muddy bars when you climb.
  • Know your bibb number ahead of time for a quick registration.
  • Team spirit and happy attitude. Even if you are running alone, help other folks and ask for help if you need it.
Things to leave at home:
  1. Your dog.
  2. Booze of any kind.
  3. Bad attitudes.
I'm posting this April 30, 2015, so I'll be looking for you at the FL-ROC run this Saturday, May 2nd, in beautiful Bunnell, Florida and also a week later at the Rugged Maniac Race on May 9th, in Dade City.

Let's get muddy!


Miz S said...

I love this! But I ain't doing it. Rock on, Mud Dude.

Julie Zickefoose said...

Somehow this list makes it all so much more real. I have a feeling that half the obstacles would make me scream like a girl, so I'll enjoy thisvicariously

Pablo said...

I hope you come back with great stories. It's kind of like those legendary tales of your misspent youth. (Also, I would have iced tea, unsweetened of course, as post run hydration -- yes, I know caffeine actually dehydrates, but . . . ICED TEA!)