Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Another Savage Race at the BEAUTIFUL Little Everglades Ranch in Dade City


There's a Savage Race video of the best obstacles at the bottom of this post, but first, let's chat about the venue ...

Last Saturday, I ran my 5th Savage Race at the Little Everglades Ranch near Dade City.

Every time I run a Rugged Maniac obstacle course race (OCR) or a Savage Race OCR at Little Everglades Ranch, I come away in awe of this beautiful piece of real Florida. 
Often an OCR is run in an old quarry site or a motocross venue, and the scenery is not all that memorable.

At Little Everglades, the scenery is pure Florida, with forests,swamps, lakes, pastures, hills, ... just a little bit of everything inland Florida has to offer.

Jogging along the Savage Race course, over an elevated causeway along a lake, I spotted a gator, egrets, ibis, and heard, but did not see, sandhill cranes.

Today, out of curiosity, I went to the Little Everglades Ranch website to learn more about this place.  
Result: Just more to love...

  • They raise a heritage breed of cattle, the Belted Galloway, a favorite of mine. I had always wondered if a Scottish breed like the BG would thrive in Florida, and now I know they can.
  • From their website: "Over 1800 acres of the Little Everglades Ranch is in conservation with the Southwest Water Management District. This conservation easement means that the ranch will never be developed for housing or business centers, but will remain as it is today for generations to come." 
  • In addition, they are a real working, multitasking ranch, along with hosting two of my favorite OCR's.
Thank you Little Everglades Ranch for caring for the land AND hosting crazy fun like this:

And Savage Race, from registration to the finish line, you run one hell of a smooth operation. The obstacles are challenging and fun, and the staff, (paid and volunteers), are excellent.

Below: A couple of hours of fun condensed into about 12 minutes.


Pablo said...

Wait a minute! You have quarries in Florida?

It looks as though these are getting too easy for you. You're going to have to find something tougher. Plus, your hair needed a good brushing.

I like to think that Runnerbox played a part in your adventure.

Julie Zickefoose said...

Finally got a chance to watch the whole video (early morning works for our dopey HughesNet; most longer vids won't load). Favorite moments from a True Fan:

1. Tell me you got that picture.
2. Kelly? Kelly? You here? ....No. That's OK. Ha ha ha!!
3. Be a Gerbil (Do I have to?)
4. Having to submerge in muddy water, eccch.
5. "57 years old, buddy!" (I would have that on front and back of my shirt, along with "Don't Pity Me I'm OK." )
You don't need any disclaimers!!
6. The frightened woman at the top of the slide. I completely identify. I'd be sitting beside her, Lamaze breathing, going hoo-boy. Hoo-boy. Your kind words I'm sure helped a lot.
7. Fencerails. That one would completely stymie me. If I even made it up on top of one, I'd just sit there like a stinkbug. Do many women have the upper body strength to do that? Looks simple but terrifying.
8. Rings. That swivel. Rings that swivel?? Because rings by themselves aren't hard enough? I guess that's why it's called Rugged Maniac. Rugged Maniacal, maybe.

A question: Does anybody make it past the swiveling rings at the end? (Because of course, you put something like that as the last obstacle, to what? Deflate egos before the finish line? Amuse the medal-givers? You, next year! So close! It's gonna happen, and the Go Pro had better be working when it does!

A comment: So good to see so many fit bodies, and the camaraderie between runners. I completely understand the allure. In many ways this is the best race video you've made. Gorgeous day, great obstacles, and an awesome accomplishment. Also some dang great camera work. Well done FC!! Proud of you!!

Flat Mls said...

Man that looks tough!!!!