Saturday, January 14, 2017


I bought a small 2 person tent a few years ago for those occasional overnight wildlife photo expeditions that I make. It goes up easy, is super roomy for one person, but has plenty of room for another if needed.

Still a tent is a tent, and there is a ground cloth to take along, stakes,a mallet, a foam roll for comfort, ... and generally more stuff to do in the setup. 
It seems like a lot of fuss for what is often a one-nighter.

So when I came across the concept of the "tent cot", I was pretty stoked. 
This could be the answer to my impulsive sudden solo camping dilemma ... just unfold it and bingo! 
You're done! 

I started Googling for info.

The brand I liked the most, "Kamp-Rite", had a few different models and at first, I focused on the one person model. 
This seemed logical. 
As a teacher, I usually make these photo-forays during the summer or other moments of unemployment when I can just strike out during the week while everyone else is at work.
So it's normally just me.

As I researched, I noticed a particular trend that made sense to me.

I read the reviews online for the Kamp-Rite Tent Cot and many of them made the point that if you were thinking of a one person tent cot, get the oversize model for the extra space.

So that is the model that went on my Amazon wishlist and here it is... thanks to my 3 kids.

The Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot seems to be the perfect answer for that easy to setup, single camper niche. 

The case even fits easily in my JEEP!

The price on Amazon is $149 currently. 

I'm looking forward to putting it to use in our Florida State Parks... and maybe my own woods here at Pure Florida HQ.

Now I'm wondering ... if I set up my Tent Cot on my utility trailer and parked it in a Walmart parking lot ... would they let me camp overnight for free like Truckers and the Airstream crowd do... technically, it would be a wheeled RV at that point.

Hmmm ...


robin andrea said...

What a cool gift! Looking forward to your review after a night camping in the Florida woods.

paullamb said...

That looks like it would be a good solution to camping my woods, where the truly flat ground is at a premium. Of course, since I have a cabin with a bed and a mattress, I don't tend to camp there much.

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