Tuesday, March 07, 2017


Had you come up to my porch last Saturday, you may have walked right past the mysterious lump lying near the porch corner.
It was me of course.
Me ... trying to photograph the yard deer.
It was the right time of the day for a deer visit, the dogs were quietly tuckered out inside, and I had spread a little apple flavored deer corn out in the usual spot. 

Taking a chance that they would show up before I got too bored, I got into position.

First I lay down and checked the view under the porch rail.
Okay, at this level the Beauty Berry bush was going to be a problem, so I got back up and pruned it a wee bit shorter.

After that, I snatched a yoga mat for comfort and a blanket for lumpifying my human form.

And then, it was hurry up and wait ... but not for long.

For about 15 minutes, I watched a squirrel who was tempted by the corn, but a little suspicious of the new porch lump.
His beautiful tail was telegraphing all kinds of squirrelly doubts, but eventually he gave in to the corn.

I heard the young buck before I saw him.
The view from beneath the bottom porch rail.
My angle was a little off, so I slowly oozed a little to the left for a better view.
This is how I like deer heads... still on the deer.
Every so often, he stopped eating and did a situational awareness check. 
When the dogs woke up and looked out the window, he stamped his feet, snorted, and slowly vanished back into the woods.
And that was fine. I had what I wanted for this day.

The pictures below were taken through a window.
I'm including them because of the dark deer.

I love their color.
Here's my next project ...
My new Go Pro Hero 5 Black camera can be controlled remotely from my Pixel phone. 
Picture it attached to the fence, at deer level,  and me sitting in the house, watching through a window.
Oh yeah...


robin andrea said...

Great job hiding under that blanket and getting grand photos of the deer. Yes, we like to see that beautiful head still attached to its body, as well. I like your next Go-Pro project. Wheee!

WendyFromNY said...

Coming from a person who has no less than twelve trail cameras out, here in central NY state, I understand your strange compulsion to photograph wildlife! The dark deer is indeed an interesting one. Can't wait to see what you will accomplish with the Go-Pro cam!

Anonymous said...

Nice patient and meticulous work. (Are you capable of any other kind?) Great shots, too. Nice to see the deer are an inclusive bunch.

Gaoura thomas said...

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kevin said...

Nice photos, we have a heard in our neighborhood that come thru our yard. We know when they've been there by the plants that have been eaten. I'm wondering if my blueberries will be safe...