Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Pond Cam ...With Turtles...Lots of Turtles!

     A few days ago I gathered a few old chicken wings that I had tossed into the freezer for a future project. 
I also grabbed a crab trap bait cannister, a large plastic stake, an iron rod, some wire, and my Caden photographer's backpack full of GoPro cameras and gear.
     Then it was off to our pond to conduct a "stake out" video...
At the pond, I waded out to about knee-deep and pushed the plastic stake into the sandy pond bottom.
     I then used the wire to tie the bait cannisters and a couple of chicken wings to the stake. 
     When that was complete, I pushed the metal spike into the bottom and clipped my GoPro Hero 5 to that. 
After ensuring that the chicken wing setup filled the viewfinder, I hit record and left.
     After an hour I walked back down to the pond, switched out the now dead battery for a fresh one, hit record again and left.
     Later I gathered it all up, and this is what I found!


robin andrea said...

I like how persistent some of those turtles were in getting that chicken. Interesting to watch them work at it. Cool video!

R.Powers said...

Thanks Robin!
I thought I was just going to get fish!

Anonymous said...

Hey FC! Patio here. How funny, I was thinking about you this morning and here you are posting. Very cool having turtles in your pond. All those fish too! How long has it been holding water? Hope you are well along with the family and pups!

R.Powers said...

Hey Patio!
We are good!
Pups are fine, although Bear is 13 now and has slowed down, but still sweet and enjoying life. The pond level has varied from flood stage to low, but has been wet continuously for several years now.
I've been putting a lot of my creative energy into my YouTube channel and kind of neglected PF.
My intention is to begin posting again here.
Thanks for commenting! Hope all is well with you.

Wally said...

Good to see a post. Now I know to check out your YouTube channel.
Pretty cool turtle video. Better than most stuff on the TeeVee lately!

Hope all is well with you and yours.