Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I Don't Know Where My Wedding Ring Is, But I KNOW I Am Married

I lost my wedding ring. Not today, nor yesterday, but sometime ago. I'm not sure when. It was always a little big and it had somewhere to go.

The first time I lost it...I mean really lost it, not "Oh, so that's where I put it " lost , but "dang, it's gone!" lost, was when my kids were little. We had gone to this place called, "The Fun Factory". It was one of these indoor playgrounds with slides, climby things, and a ball pit. On this particular day, I had spent most of my time in the ball pit wrestling with my kids.

When I got home, I realized my wedding ring was missing. I called the Fun Factory.

"Hey, I was playing in the ball pit today and I may have lost my wedding ring."

"Well Sir, we clean the ball pit every other day. There's a seam on the bottom that often catches rings and things. We'll let you know if it turns up."

I decided not to tell my wife. After all, if it was on some kind of ring hiatus for a harm done.

The next day, while we were eating supper, the phone rang. My daughter started to get up to answer it, but I said, "No, let the answering machine take it, we are eating supper." She sat back down.

A voice came on the machine, " Hi! This is Paul from the Fun Factory. I just wanted to let you know that we found your wedding ring!"

My wife looked at me. You know, that look. Oops!

I did get my ring back, but it wasn't too long after that I lost track of it again. I think it is probably out there in the Gulf of Mexico although it could easily be somewhere in the yard.

If you find a gold wedding ring with a mind of it's's mine.


Hick said...

My husband lost his wedding ring on our honeymoon in the Pacific Ocean. Do I sense a pattern here?

roger said...

have you been to the bermuda triangle? maybe your ring is hiding there.

it is a good thing to retain the memory about being married even without the reminder of a ring. the family is also probably a clue.

pablo said...

Is it a regular ring, or is it a Ring of Power?

(Good to see you have your head above water. Hope your family survived Wilma okay.)

Deb said...

My own spouse and i are currently ringless, although we know where the rings in question are. His is in our music CD file, somewhere in the Greg Brown section, probably by the album with the song "This Band Of Gold". It broke. Mine is in my top dresser drawer. My fingers inexplicably grew a couple of sizes this year and I can't put it back on. I hope to get it resized some day.

Floridacracker said...

She wears the ring of power.

Thunder Dave said...

Dude, you've got to learn to cover your tracks, never let the answering machine pick up when you've got sometype of covert activity going on!

That sort of thing can spoil birthday and anniversary surprises too!

Floridacracker said...

Lesson learned.

If I had resized mine I would still have it!

Birds of a feather...

I think it's in the backyard rectangle...