Thursday, October 27, 2005

Save Yourself A least til the weekend.

I am hopelessly busy with work and am also remodeling (ad infinitum it seems) in multiple rooms. The computer room is next with the resulting temporary shutdown. Sooooooo...
Laminate Flooring.

I can't see an intelligent post coming from Pure Florida for a day or so. Sorry.


Laura said...

from your previous post, Pablo said: "regular ring, or the Ring of Power"? LOL! too funny.

My hub lost his ring for almost a year after we got married. On moving day, I happened to open up a folded tarp that had been in the closet since the past winter, and there was his ring. It must have slipped off in the cold weather we had.

Oddly enough, at our wedding, nobody ever gave the ring to my maid of honor so that she could give it to me during the services. So when the Pastor said "you may put the ring on his finger", I had to pretend I was!!
boy, that ring just has a history.

Since you're doing home remodeling, maybe it fell off and got mixed up with some of the tools or supplies?
Hope you weren't mixing cement!!

pablo said...

FC, we're going to get an intelligent post?

(Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

Hick said...

Remodeling? Oh, boy. Was this your idea? I bet it was the wife. Currently we have 3 rooms "in process."

Zanne said...

The remodeling project doesn't involved the use of tall ladders, does it?

....or power tools?

Laura said...

By the way, we're expecting pictures of the remodeling job, you know. :))

Hub and I are starting our kitchen this weekend. we'll be knocking out a wall and redoing the entire kitchen, from the ceiling to the floor. Have Mercy!

You and your readers are invited to come on over to my site and add themselves to the map if they're interested. I'm just curious to see where other bloggers come from! Hope to "meet" you all, blogwise!
take care :)

Floridacracker said...

I had predicted that might happen!

I will post some as things progress. I am currently not allowed to do anything near the computer...sneaking this comment at work. Good luck with your kitchen!

Floridacracker said...

The ladder comes in to play when I get to restain the cedar siding this, fun, fun.

Anonymous said...

Hear ye, Hear ye. . .intelligent posts coming!!!! Pablo and I share a geographic region of the country, do you think that could be affecting our brains to be such as they are?

Floridacracker said...

Could be!