Sunday, March 05, 2006

5 Days Until The Fair


The Pig "weigh in" for the Suwannee River Livestock Fair is this Saturday. Our two fair pigs have about 5 days of piggy bliss before they make their debut.

Early this morning, Kate and I went out and weighed them one last time to make sure we are on track for the fair. Getting in to the fair requires the pig to weigh not less than 225 and not more than 275.

"Mia" weighed in at about 235-240 lbs and "BD" was a svelte 225. They should fall safely into the slot so that was good news.

I keep telling myself that IS good news. This IS what they came here for.

I'm going to miss 'em. Posted by Picasa


doubleknot said...

Good luck with the fair. Hope you piggys bring some ribbons and cash.

Floridacracker said...

Thanks, we think they look good, but who knows what a swine judge thinks?

Hick said...

Isn't it kinda early for fairs? What about all the neat boths with produce and all that? Your melons aren't even popping up yet. what kind of fair occurs in March?

Oh...never mind. I reread your post and see that it is a livestock fair.

Well...anyway...good luck.

Floridacracker said...

I was trying to interrupt, but you answered your question before I could :)

vicki said...

Knowing how I feel about the pigs, this is bad timing. Keep them another year. I'll pay for their bananas.