Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Dogs Respond

The dogs would like to respond to rumors that they are slacking.

FEATHER: "It has come to our attention that Bringer Of Food has implied in some posts that we are not doing a very good job of keeping deer out of the garden."

FLOUNDER: "Yes, and that hurts, really cuts...ooh, look at that squirrel's tail a'flippin..."

FEATHER: "FOCUS FLOUNDER! Now about this deer thing. You must know that they are sneaky devils with lots of pointy parts? We two feel that such hazardous beasts qualify us for combat rations...extra dogbones between meals and some milk on our kibble."

FLOUNDER: "Dogbones? I like the green ones."

FEATHER: "YOU'RE COLORBLIND IDIOT! Back to the deer, at 70 years of age, we are no longer spring chickens and should..."

FLOUNDER: "Chickens? Now there's an animal I'll chase. Love it when Bringer Of Food target ranges them."

FEATHER: "That's FREE RANGE you bird brain, and you are supposed to protect them not eat them! Where was I?....Oh yes, age. We're just not as fast as we once were and running after deer is really quite tiring."
FLOUNDER: "Yes, we prefer to sound the alarm from up here on the porch...hey, there's a cheeto stuck between the porch boards...I think I can get it if I stick my tongue in carefully..."

FEATHER: "You see what I have to work with? No wonder the deer are fearless. I for one have barked myself silly for hours right outside your bedroom window and still they come. I was so angry...really, I was tempted to actually come off the porch. I just hate that clammy dewy grass at night though."

FLOUNDER: "GlI glthink gmyg gltongueg glisg glstuckglg glgin gltheglg glggcrackgglg...."

FEATHER: "Flounder...oh, never mind. We must also consider the politically correctness of deer chasing. One wonders if it is correct to oppress these free spirits of the forest, these sprites of look at this photo. I ask you, should we bother such graceful fellow travelers? Why can't we all just get along? "

FLOUNDER: "glllgdagnabitglglg.....gglglglggrrrg....glGOT IT! Hey, I got my tongue loose... and the cheeto!"

FEATHER: " Halfsies!"Posted by Picasa


pablo said...

I like Flounder and Feather. They sound like they have their priorities right.

Carina said...

Heh. Cool dogs, I like them too!
My dogs see deer and they're yippee-yay-yaying into the next county in hot pursuit.
PS you need to update your wildlife blog. I had no ideas blueberries grew in Fla.

The MacBean Gene said...

The beagle sisters, Stella and Isabel, are now requesting cheetos.

Billy said...

Great Blog !!!!!!

Likes2mtnbike said...

It was only a matter of time: dog blogging! Funny post.

roger said...

good thing cats are so vain they only want their pictures posted on blogs.

doubleknot said...

Flouder and Feather are doing the best they can from the sound of it. Great post LOL thanks

Floridacracker said...

Crazy around here today with prep for a post graduation party for Katie Bug. I spent 2 hours frying 40 pounds of hotwings, then there's all the setup, blah, blah, blah...
Anyway, I am taking a short break and get to respond to your comments.

They read RRJ regularly. Love the Max tails.

Welcome aboard Pure Florida. Your dogs are welcome here. My Wildlife Calendar is updated as I notice things, so it's a very personal calendar as opposed to generic. You're right though, I do have a few things to add before May ends.

Tell them "moderation in all things".

Thanks and welcome aboard PureFlorida!

Hey, where ya been? Glad to hear from you. Thanks!

cats...thinking of something nice to say about them...still thinking...

I think they have secretly negotiated a truce with the deer.

Mrs. S said...

Awww!! I'm with Feather - can't we all just get along?

The deer shot is beautiful and, while I see the Food Bringer's point about not wanting them in the garden, I can also see Feather's point about the yucky dewey grass underfoot feeling...

I guess I'm a fence-sitter on this matter. Sorry, FC.

threecollie said...

Terrific, wonderful, stupendous, amazing, delightful GREAT post! The best one I have read anywhere in a long while!
I can just imagine those dogs, thinking those thoughts....

OldHorsetailSnake said...

You didn't want any home-grown vegetables anyway, did you?

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Awe...that Feather is a mighty smart dog and Flounder, his sidekick is funny.
That's right! Deer have those pointy things that are quite dangerous and do you want to risk the dogs being injured for a lousy few veggies? hehehe

Floridacracker said...

Mrs. S,
Thanks, the deer shot is about 10 feet from my garden.

Wow...thanks...(blushing now).
Someone's a dog lover too.

Good thing for grocery stores!

True, no veggie is worth antler punctured hounds.

Deb said...

Funny post!

Around here, the Food Bringer could get a ticket if dogs are caught harassing there aren't enough deer...

Floridacracker said...

The dogs think that's not fair.

Likes2mtnbike said...

I'm still laughing. My dogs wouldn't know a deer if it poked them in the butt. We were on 20 acres in Z-Hills and they could see for miles and never saw anything but strays and the odd flock of sandhill cranes.
Maybe 'Cracker could do a Dog Whisperer and teach my hounds about real nature.

Floridacracker said...

I do a lot of dog yelling...

Debbie said...

I think that my dog Joe and Flounder are related. They think alike.

Hick said...


We have Mule Deer here...they don't look like yours, so I'm guessing yours are something different. Do you happen to know the name?

I imagine they all taste the same...Heh!

Leslie said...

Look like white tailed deer to me, Hick.

FC, you're just being selfish. You've already eaten yourself into a stupor out of that garden. The deer just want left overs.