Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Spending The Night With Tropical Storm Alberto


Well, that was just what I expected...

I spent the early evening securing yard clutter and clearing out my little drainage swales that lead water off the driveway and towards the pond. It was gusty and rainy while I did these chores, but once you're soaked, you can't really get any wetter, so the rain was not a hindrence.
The local fire chief cruised by and stopped when I was working out by the road. He asked about any neighbors who might be in low lying areas. We chatted a bit and he moved on down the road.

My rain gauges blew away in last year's storms and I had not replaced them. Rain gauges aren't on your mind during droughts, but I'm getting a new one today. Using the bucket method, I'd say that Alberto dropped about 4+ inches. That seems to jive with regional totals I'm seeing on the Weather Channel.

Most of this storm's strength happened in the dark so we didn't get to watch whipping trees and dense tropical rain sheets, but it was a very wet, windy night.

The center of circulation is crossing just to the north of our coast this morning as I write, so the winds have slacked, but will be switching on again before it flows northeast to Georgia. Good rains should continue as it pulls tropical moisture over us.

I haven't gone off the porch yet this morning, but I can see a fresh scar on the old lightning struck oak out front. Beneath it on the ground is a large branch of about 12 inch diameter.

Since I'm off, I 'll get out there with the camera and do a walkabout to check for any other Alberto effects. Will the pond be different?
Inquiring minds want to know.

A second, post Alberto post will follow this afternoon. Posted by Picasa


Laura said...

Sounds like things came through ok. How's your wife doing over at the shelter?
Haven't yet heard from Terri's blog. Everything looks good down here.
I was out taking pictures this morning but didn't take many of the beach area. THe wind is so strong on the beach that the sand airborne- too much of a risk for my camera!
We have a quite a bit of erosion though, i'll know more for sure when I head back out there later on.
Hope your pond is filled up!

pablo said...

Glad to hear you've survived the worst of it so far. Hope you don't mind if I was worried for you.

I'm eager to read the afternoon post and see if your pond has been recharged. If we got a four-inch rain at my woods, I think my lake would be nearly full.

robin andrea said...

Blogger has been very bad. It hasn't been letting me leave comments. I am so glad that you made it through the storm okay. I am looking forward to your photographs.

Anonymous said...

Was awakened by major lightening/thunder around 3am here is Port Charlotte. Checked out under the carport in time to see a piece of fascia(sp?) come down across the street. Other than that didn't see anything else structurally, just some palm fronds, etc. Our ponds have been filling up, by about half of what they were down. We're in a 55+ mobile home park - went thru Charlie OK - but are super sensitive to any storm now. Thanks for all your photos - I've learned a lot about FL's flora & fauna. Glad everything was safe for you & yours.

Lightnin said...


Sounds like ya'll came through this just fine...happy to hear that! Tell all we said hello.

Floridacracker said...

The storm was not so bad. Mrs. FC wound up working the shelter til midnight and coming home with strep throat.

This was the perfect storm, nice power level and good rains. I'd like to order ten more please.

I think my photos are going to be pretty boring. This was really a rain event. I walked all over and only found a big limb down.

Glad you came through it okay. Thanks for the kind comments.

We're good. Thanks!

Mrs. S said...

I'm all about hearing the pond-news... you should start a little newspaper or something for those with pond interests. I mean... you're clearly not busy ENOUGH, so you should have lots of time to devote to that, right? ;)

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I won't mind a bit, chum, if you even wait until tomorrow. Stay safe -- and dry.

Floridacracker said...

Mrs. S,
The pond has gotten a reprieve. So have I.

This one was easy.