Monday, June 12, 2006

Tropical Storm Musings

I did not get to post this morning as is my routine, as I hit the snooze button a little too much. It's not that I'm totally lazy, it's just hard to get out of bed with the sound of rain, ...yes, rain pattering on the window panes. Plus, I was exhausted from my clam farm experience the day before. That's another post, but let's just say it was a tropical stormy adventure spent mostly underwater, in one foot visibility, and we did not climb out of the water and back into the boat until 8:40 pm. Details will follow in the next few days.

Today, our nerdy teacher training was cut short and actually cancelled for tomorrow as TS Alberto has his sights on our coast. There is moderate wind at this time and rains are light, but welcome. I took a before shot of the pond and am hoping for a great change in the water level before Alberto is through with us.

After this post, I'll head outside to secure a few things, fill my plastic barrel with water, and enjoy the messiness. Mrs. FC is on the job managing the storm shelters for the county, so those who have to evacuate are in good hands. I probably won't see much of her for the next few days.

So where is all this happening?
If you find Cedar Key on a map, and run your finger east along highway 24 until you get to Otter Creek, you will find yourself at US-19, which runs north and south. At this time there is a mandatory evacuation for areas west of US-19. We are west of US-19. That evacuation is mainly targeted at trailers and folks in low lying areas (most of this area is low). We are in a solid house on higher ground and are staying put. The island community of Cedar Key will actually close at sunset tonight with no access allowed after that time.

This storm is more of a flooding threat than anything else. Coastal flooding can be extensive due to our curved shoreline and very, very shallow seabottom. Inland flooding will be a factor of people who have built in low areas and now must deal with that decision. The good news for our local coastline is that almost all of it is state or federally protected wildlands which will absorb the surge just as all of Florida's coast used to do, ...before overdevelopment screwed up the system.

Lucky me!
The "New Mail" window just popped up and I clicked on it. It's a message from the local Emergency Operations Center. The CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) director wants us to call in for assignments.

Gotta go.


Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Be careful and be safe F.C....We want to hear about your clam farm experience. Don't let the winds blow you away and I'm hoping your catfish and bream will get some needed water.

I was wondering about you and had been waiting for your post.

threecollie said...

Hope all goes well. Those big storms are real scary. We have family in Jax Beach and I always worry.
And after looking up Cedar Key, I have the line, "Travis MacGee's still in Cedar Key," going through my mind..... which is in no way a bad thing.

thingfish23 said...

That's funny - I just wrote about your pond, and my hopes that it will fill up.

It sounds like this storm is a "real deal" for you up there. It aint nothin' but a thing down here, so I hope all will be well at the Fc homestead.


Zanne said...

I started getting worried when I saw that Alberto was sitting in the Gulf. You've made the decision to stay and it's certainly a case of "Cracker Knows Best". Just make sure you've got lots of french toast supplies - eggs, milk & bread.

When I checked out that map I realized I was in your neck of the woods a year ago. Almost got my Yankee butt in a passle of trouble when I turned down the wrong road. There was a local disturbance and the friendly peace officer advised me to 'git outta there. HA.

Anyway, stay safe. People all over this U.S. of A. are watching Alberto's progress and thinking about you. I hope he's only got enough stuff in him to fill up your pond!

A Big Wind said...

Looks like it will definitely be a hurricane but hopefully only a weak cat 1. Do many people seem to be leaving and/or preparing in the area? I am a Fla native as well and we are thinking about you down here in So Fla.

Stay safe,

A Big Wind
Hurricane and Consumer protection blog:

Don't get caught in A BIG WIND with your guard down

Floridacracker said...

Thanks for pond mojo. It's pouring right now and I have a big silly smile on my face.

"...that's what ol John MacDonald says, my rondevous so long overdue with all of the things I've sung and I've read..." Parrotheads unite!

Thanks buddy, on behalf of my fishes, I thank you. This is a mild one, we're not sweating or stressing.

Thanks for the well wishes. Glad you avoided the "disturbance" on you last visit. Hope it wasn't one of our beerbeques...

Welcome aboard Pure Florida! A weak cat 1 is what I am expecting also. I wasn't on the roads enough earlier to notice if folks were heading out. I'm going out in about 10 minutes so I'll try and get a feel for traffic direction.
Thanks for commenting.

Mrs. S said...

Personally, I'm all for stormy weather, but what you're about to have doesn't sound like the "thunder and lightning" variety that I'm used to.

I'm just going to sit here and pray for your safety and the safety of those around you until you post again. Hope that's not a problem ;)

Laura said...

Be safe and watch for snakes that come up to get out of the water! We'll be watching the storm too. Y'all need anthing, let us know!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Best of luck, Cracker.

Floridacracker said...

Mrs. S,
This is a very quiet storm so far. We have wind and heavy rains now, but I have not seen the first lightning flash or heard any thunder. Prayers accepted, but probably needed more on some future mega storm. Thanks tho.

Thanks, same here :)

Thanks buddy. This is a nice one, we are doing just fine.

Deb said...

I was thinking about you and your family when I read the news just now. Although I think you're right, probably a minor inconvenience in your situation. And you could use the rain! Hang in there.

I've been dealing with frost here the last two nights. :(

Mrs. S said...

Well, prayers are good 'cause I have an unlimited supply... so I don't mind "wasting" some of them on your small storm... there'll be plenty more when they're needed in the future, I assure you ;)

doubleknot said...

Down here we are getting a lot of rain from the feeder bands. Some strong gusts of wind not much to speak of. Everyone along our little row has moved their cars and trucks out from under the trees - neighbor went to the store and came back to find a large limb blocking her driveway so is parking in our yard.

We so desperatly need this rain. I hope your pond fills up nicely. Maybe this will break the draught now and we will get some rainy afternoons.

Lightnin said...

Some of us are fortunate enough to know the beautiful area of Cedar Key and the surrounding area you describe! Thunder and I have already talked about you guys and praying that all will be well with the whole FC clan. With you and Patience out doing your civic duty, who will be keeping an eye on Katie, Emma and Jr? Anyway hope this will pass and not cause any major problems for you or our beloved Cedar Key!

Floridacracker said...

Frost? I read ThreeCollie and saw that she was cold also. I hope your garden survived.

Mrs. S,
They worked!

I have a big tree limb down in the front too.

...nah, just messing with ya.
Since the Mrs. HAS to go, I don't help out until the worst has passed so we know the knuckleheads are okay. Thanks for checking :)

Debbie said...

It's a good thing that this is a mild storm because here in Tallahassee we've lost power several times, have numerous trees down, and are drowning in rain. But the schools and businesses are all open.

Floridacracker said...

I think the heavier rains were north of us.