Sunday, October 01, 2006

The All Request Weekend...continued

Just a note since the original "You request it" photo post is sliding down the page. I am continueing to seek out and publish your requests. Off to wish Dad a happy birthday with BBQ chicken, Selmo's salad, Mac&Cheese, and a brother baked Cake.

I've increased the number of posts that show on the home page as it's a multiple post kind of thingie.


Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

Here's my request: just keep up what you are doing - it seems to be working just fine!

ImagineMel said...

OK, I am addicted. You'll have to check out my blog sometime. I also have a flower on there that I need a name for. I've always called it fire flower. And, as you see, Mama's yard is a veritable FL plant/flower/tree feast! I love the tractor in the hay field pic.

vicki said...

the pond is sort of boring, no offense, but the cows are di-er-bovine! I always enjoy some good cows. And your free spirited little tree must have heard from Bonnie that yoga is ALWAYS a good thing.
Have fun at the party!

robin andrea said...

Happy birthday to your dad. Nice photos. Florida really is more than sand and surf. It's really pretty there in so many other ways. Good to know.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Happy Birthday to your dad and I'm hoping you'll have some pictures of his birthday party to show us when you return.

Rurality said...

Well I see you failed me with my AL-beating-FL photo request. Dagnabbit.

I don't suppose they still have any of those old-fashioned souvenir stands...? (Would you believe my grandfather used to run one in FL!)

Floridacracker said...

There's a classic one down the road a bit. I will get a shot on my next sojourn that way.

Both Mom and Dad had b'days this month, I will post pics later this week.

Thanks for the birthday wishes to Dad. He had a good one ...78th!