Monday, October 02, 2006

Imaginemel's Request

(Hastings, Florida)
This is the mildly famous Bulls-Hit Ranch building with rooftop bull requested by Imaginemel.

I'll be following up during the week with photo requests from the "All Request" weekend.

Wildflower people, be patient. They're out there, I just need some time.

Scenic St. Augustine requesters, be even more patient. The downtown area was so busy with touristas yesterday, I couldn't park and after all, Dad's birthday was my priority. Excuses, excuses ...

I hope to be back there for a last of the season shrimping mission this weekend, and I'll try again.

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Anonymous said...

These are great pics!! I think these will hold me until you get back to St. Augustine. I'm crackin' up over here!

Thanks Cracker!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

That's a pretty neat looking Bull statue on top of that building. The sign is very interesting on the building because I don't see the connection between the bull and Florida's Potato Capital.

Laura said...

is that good old "Spuds" FLorida??
We used to pass through Spuds on the way to St. Agustine, back when we lived out near Hawthorne.

Sandy... Spuds, Florida is actually the "potato capital" of the state. You can see acres of potato farms along the highway as it meanders into St. Augustine. Or you used to be able to see them, I haven't been up that way in years,so...

If it's any consolation, I'm still having trouble getting the photos up. I have a sick kid here, but I hope to get them up soon.

Mrs. S said...

That is one darn-fine looking bull.

What IS IT about people that makes them create giant statues of animals? Especially domesticated animals. Hrm.

Hurricane Teen said...

I love Bulls-Hit ranch!!
I can't blame you about St. Aug either...I really never visit downtown St. Augustine anymore for that very reason. But you mean you couldn't even use that hideous new parking garage downtown?

The MacBean Gene said...

I'm glad to see Florida is finally recognizing the fact that it's the USF Bulls not them gators

SophieMae said...

Hey, just thought I'd pass along the info I found here - - on bay leaves. Near the bottom of the page...

Bay laurel, botanically known as Laurus nobilis, is the only member of the laurel family that is edible. If you are uncertain that this is what is in your garden, check with a local garden center or agricultural office before adding the leaves to your recipes.

rick said...

i worked at bulls-hit (be carefull when you split this word)after high school the owners a real hoot!recently when he sold a portion of his farm to a developer he told the st augustine paper that instead of planting potatos he will be planting yankees

Floridacracker said...

Catching up ...

Hopefully this weekend!

Hastings, Spuds, and Elkton are Florida's potato basket. There are some big ranches in the area, but you're right. The bull is more about the clever ranch name than the potato sign.

Hey, I hope B. is feeling better.
They 4-laned 207 and now the potato farmland along it is for sale with PUD signs gleaming in the sun ...sigh.

Mrs. S,
What? You don't have craven idols in Canada?? ;)

I was being cheap.

That's good to know. I think I'll order the culinary bay and see if I can grow it.

I hope you left a few shrimp in the river. I think I'll be there this week.

Woodie said...

As I work in Hastings every 3rd day at the fire station, I frequently see the Bulls-Hit establishement. Here's something I bet you didn't know. About 2 years ago, Tommy Lee (owner of the farm) was planning to put in a 9-hole golf course on the other side of SR 207. He was going to have old farm equipment all over the place as "hazards". I believe he abandoned the idea, and is interested in selling off some of the land for residential development. However, it still left me wondering how you could hit a second shot after a wayward drive left you in the seat of an old tractor.....

Floridacracker said...

That would be a challenge I suppose. I hate to see that good black dirt go under a subdivision.