Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bee Houses

Mrs. FC
like this

I was feeling stewardly this morning and I had some clumping bamboo to thin, so ...

I made these bee houses for the orchard mason bees and any other little tube nesting critter.

This moment of stewardly inspiration would have benefitted the bees a lot more if I had thought of it this summer when the bees were more active. Part of their life cycle involves finding the right size hole and filling it with eggs and mud. I know these bees live around here, because if I don't plug the water exit tube on my boat motor, they will fill it with larvae and mud. I stick a cheap Papermate pen in it to plug the tube and keep the bees out.

Apparently they are great little pollinators and with honey bees in decline, I figure every little bee helps.


I bored out 1/4 inch holes in some of the bamboo and left others as they were. The mason bees apparently like 1/4 to 3/8 inch holes, but there are other solitary bees and wasps that are smaller, so hopefully there is something for everyone.

I probably won't see any tenants until spring due to my poorly timed inspiration. That's okay, my plan this winter is to have a bunch of new nestboxes of various kinds ready for the big spring fling. These are just a start. I made and mounted five of these under the eaves of my outbuildings today.

I made another, different type of critter shelter out back later today, but that can be another post ... maybe tomorrow.

We need to talk about termite training too ...

That is just a gratuitous Flounder picture, because he's so damn sweet.

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missouri madness said...

Very crafty; superb idea.

Floridacracker said...

I stole it. Some DIY tv show presented it as a kid's ecoproject.
Sharing is good.

Deb said...

Flounder is damn sweet; my own yellow lab is in her fist cycle of heat right now so is somewhat less than sweet...gotta keep her away from Togo, wouldn't want that mix!

And, how many people actually think of habitat for insects? That is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I came upon your blog by Googling for North Florida Bloggers. If you need any photos of the Area arround Lake City, let me know and I well try to get one for you.

Heck I might just post a woods craft type entry, myself. I have an old photo of cypress knees, may even do a story on that.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that is a good idea but watch out for Homeland Security. They might mistake it for a bomb put up there with zip ties! (hahahaha)

Floridacracker said...

Uh oh, heat ... good idea to keep those two separated, you wouldn't want any puppies "To Go" ... I crack myself up ... really ...

Welcome to Pure Florida! Those post ideas sound good!

Even now the Echelon program is sniffing through my blog and scratching it's binary head.

Laura said...

Oh yes, those are some mighty fine Gator Bee houses! I learned a few things from this post, however.
I've never seen bee hideaways like that one! Great idea!

Wayne said...

I'll be interested to see, in the next few months maybe, which of them holes get used and which don't. Oughta make for a good photo!

Very good idea.

Floridacracker said...

I thought those colors might appeal to you. We'll see if they appeal to bees.

I plan on updating eventually when someone actually takes up residence. It was a post of yours that got me thinking about these bees.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Oh, I thought you were going to teach Flounder how to be a termite dog exterminator.

That's a great idea with the bamboo. We have small bamboo and bamboo that is 40 feet high. I'll have to remember this little bee next project. Good idea.

Floridacracker said...

It's pretty amazing stuff. We probably should be growing it as a business ... it surely has a high price in the stores.

Betsy said...

Definitely want to see your update with pictures when the bees move in!

Floridacracker said...

Will do!

Hick said...

That is the coolest bee house I have ever seen and I'm always interested in bee things. Cute dog, too.