Sunday, June 03, 2007

Topless Water Hole Hopping

NaviGator's Note: For this post, we'll have to use the WayBack Machine since our adventure happened before Tropical Storm Barry bent (not broke) our drought.
Meanwhile, slightly inland from the Gulf of Florida ...
Y'all were such good company awhile back when we explored North Key together that I thought I'd invite you along for a topless ride through Devil's Hammock. Kick the sand off your feet before you get into the JEEP and finish that soda. Water's the only spillable thing allowed in the JEEP.
No, we can't listen to Buffet now, we're off the asphalt. No music when we're critter crawling, we'll miss something. Hearing their grunts is how I found those cute baby gators the other day.
So, let's get ... what now?
No, you don't have to wear your seatbelt back here in the woods. Most of this ride is gonna be slowly creeping along in first gear from water hole to water hole.
Oh, you're right, I hear it too. That is a baby gator grunt. I was so busy jabbering about the rules, I missed it.
Good ear! Let's hop out for a closer look.

Okay, not too close, Momma has her eye on us.
Yes, I agree, she's about 7 feet long, which puts her at about 6 or 7 years old. I think she's showing off her near perfect alignment of eyes and nostrils. Any critter that comes to this waterhole to drink could easily miss those two bits of gator and fall victim to the 7 feet of muscle and teeth attached.
Us included, so watch your step on this steep ditch slope.
Where are you going?
You did? I missed that, wait up.

Wow, you do have a good ear. I missed that splashy sound coming from the other side of the road.
What a great raccoon ... really nice whiskers.
I would hate to be a minnow or crawfish left behind in that puddle. Look at that raccoon work, he's relentless with those front paws.
Yes, I DID read Rascal by Sterling North. It's one of my favorite stories even if the setting was far north of Pure Florida.
Yes, this raccoon does remind me of Rascal ... um, but they all kind of look alike don't they?
Okay, you've got a point there, the raccoons in the Keys are blonde, but other than that ...
Not to change the subject, but the yellow flies are out and I know of one more waterhole I'd like to check out.
It's not here in Devil's Hammock, though and it's not natural.
Hop in and we'll cruise back to Pure Florida HQ.
Yes, now you have to wear your seatbelt and yes, I would be delighted to push "Banana Wind" back into the CD player.
Hang on.

I had to show you this waterhole in action, because this is one I made.
This is that little puddle I created by slinging ooze out of the pond last week. Seepage kept it full and useful until TS Barry arrived. Not bragging or anything, but it was a pretty good holding action. At least, this dove seems to think so.
Yes, I know mentioning TS Barry messes up the space/time continuoum of this adventure which happened before TS Barry got here.
Don't you ever watch Star Trek?
Things like that happen all the time ...
Let's walk up to the PF HQ porch. There's some shade and unsweetened ice tea needin' company.
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robin andrea said...

Nice ride, thanks for letting me tag along. Glad you finally got that much-needed rain. Hope you get plenty more in reasonable amounts!

pablo said...

"a pretty good holding action."

Just turn the knife, okay?

rick said...

we got 4.2 inches from Barry hope you got alot too

Floridacracker said...

Hey, you're welcome!
Reasonable ... hmmmm... that would be about 20 inches to fill our deficit so far.

I wish I was smart enough to understand some of your comments.

i think we were at least that. My yard buckets hint at more, but I doubt their accuracy.

Anonymous said...

Great tour, what fun! Congrats on the rain.

vicki said...

What a splendid outing! This was great fun. The gators are glorious.
As for Barry- welcome indeed. I was excited to hear the coontie were getting watered- that was therapy for my soul. thanks...

Floridacracker said...

Glad you could come along! Yes, the rain was wonderful.

Glorious gators! True.
That rain was therapy for my soul too.

LauraHinNJ said...

I think Barry will be hanging around here for most of next week.

Nice to see a raccoon doing something other than raiding bird feeders or garbage cans. Great whiskers - I agree!

kathy a said...

excellent critters! glad the mucking of the pond worked, more glad for the rain you needed.

and off topic -- woo hooo! my baby is a graduate!!!

Floridacracker said...

... or stealing chickens! Enjoy the Barry.

Kathy A,
Double woo hooo! Congrats to all involved! That's wonderful news!

jojo said...

This is starting to become a habit (seeing what you write today). And after a long day at work, its the best ale. and gets me eager to get outside and enjoy my critters.

Thanks for the ride. and the pick me up...

I've always wanted a jeep. I guess red wine is out of the question in your tours?LOL...

Leslie said...

Great photos. We lost a bunch of chickens to 'coons recently and caught *five* of them in as many days. Ugh. Cute but destructive.