Saturday, June 02, 2007

Tropical Storm Barry Approaches Pure Florida And Is Welcomed With Open Arms

See that?
It's water falling from the sky. It's been doing it all night long and has not stopped yet, nor is it likely to be finished any time soon.
So the posting about droughts and waterholes may just sit another day (sorry baby gator fans) as I carpe diem a little with this wonder of nature.
Currently at almost 10:00 am, rain bands are pretty constant with steady, but not frog strangler, rainfall.
There's an 18 mph wind from almost due north, a temperature of 66 F, and relative humidity is 93%.
This is a rainmaker storm, not a blow down your house storm. It is exactly what we needed. The only way to improve it would be to slow it down so even more rain could fall.
The timing is pretty cool since I just posted pics of the dry pond, so a comparison photo about a day from now should be interesting. I predict some wild amphibian parties at the pond after all this as there's been no water for breeding. Already today the treefrogs are calling like crazy.
I will try to get out in it as the day goes on and post a few TS Barry shots.
Right now I'm just reveling in the sound of rain.
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roger said...

we saw on last nite's news that there was rain in fla. thought of you, and your pond. are you singin' in the rain?

rcwbiologist said...

Glad to see y'all are getting much needed rain. Can't wait to see the pond pictures. I hope it holds out until it gets up here to us in the Carolinas. We desperately need it as well.

Laura said...

We're rejoicing down here as well!
Except when the power went out, that wasn't so fun. But it's back on now, and the rain has finally moved on. It's a gorgeous day! I'm heading out in a bit to check some of our local ponds that have dried up. I'm curious to see if the birds are back as well.

kevin said...

I was watching the storm on Intellicast, looks like the whole state will get some rain. I know the firefighters are glad. I hear it rained most of the night in St. Aug also. Wish I was there.

SophieMae said...

Rain, glorious rain! It didn't last too very long yesterday, but a light - and cold - drizzle started sometime in the wee hours and is still misting down. Yep, Barry is just what the doctor ordered. Abbondanza!

threecollie said...

When we were watching the weather last night we saw that Barry was coming to visit your area and hoped he would leave some of his baggage behind. All I can say, is yay, tree frogs!

jojo said...

12 hours... i got 12 hours of glorious rain. and i don't think i've ever been happier to see my property flood... woohooo. i love it when those frogs come out, you know the ones that only cacophany in torrential downpours? Love it! and so glad you got some too! hows the pond today. My neighbors is up at least a foot or more.


pissed off patricia said...

We got some too! :)

Our frogs were raising some happy hell last night. I think the rain has passed us and now we have some big gusts of wind. From the looks of the pool, we got at least three or four inches. Finally, one day when I don't have to fill the bird bath. It's filled up to its brim in lovely rain water.

Deb said...

Hooray for Barry! We've been kind of hoping the rain would hold off here until we get the metal roofing on, but then again there's this garden thing I have...the rain's been just right for it.

Floridacracker said...

i was, but it was scaring the frogs.

The pond has a nice layer of water and the sky is still cloudy, but I think the rain is headed off towards you.

It stayed overcast here and barely made it into the 70's. The rain stopped around lunch time, but the sky is still leaden.

We wish you were here too. I suppose you haven't seen rain since you left the states.

Isn't it wonderful!
What a great start to the season.

The treefrogs second that motion. They are calling now and I expect more noise as the evening progresses.

12 hours! That is wonderful. We must have got 8 hours or so. The pond has come up from puddle status and should rise a little more from ground seepage in the next day.
Glad you and your animals got some wonderful rain!

I'm happy the rain found you. There's a bucket in the yard holding about 8 inches of water, but I can't believe we got that much.

Had my garden survived the deer, the rain would have been a real booster. This was a great steady soaker type of rain.

Wayne said...

When I got up this morning at 4AM I was a little shocked to see how fast yesterday's merely "low pressure system" had develped. And then I saw that Florida and south Georgia were being luxuriously drenched in rain, and couldn't help but feel invigorated.

It started for us about 2pm, and it's been a lovely, slow, caressing thing. I just want it to keep going for a couple of days.

Floridacracker said...

I hope it slows and hovers over you. It was a pretty fast mover, but I'm not complaining.
It's early in the season... there'll be more.

Rurality said...

You didn't send it far enough north... we had actual rain but the total was less than 1/16 of an inch. (Still, it was rain!)

Cathy S. said...

I was in Mt. Dora at the Lakeside Inn for a girls weekend. We ran across a bride was terrified that her outdoor wedding would be rained out. Months of drought and Barry threatens her big day. I felt so sorry for her. But, wasn't it good to hear the rain on the roof of that historic hotel and dash from shop to shop in the cool mist? Here at home, my husband said we got a lot of rain, but the ground was so dry you can't tell it now. It is already all soaked in. The salt water, now that is a different story. Wind and tide pushed it up over the seawall and across the road. Such excitement! Let's hope the rest of hurricane season is so gentle and useful.

Floridacracker said...

Hey, if I was in control, it would still be here!
You know it's dry when you rejoice over 1/16 inch of rain, huh?
I can relate tho.

Cathy S,
Mt. Dora's a sweet spot.
I'm glad your place got rain. How's the novel coming?
My wife's mother was born on T.C.

Cathy S. said...

No way! What was her maiden name? I bet I have some history on her family. There are just way to many similarites in our families. Novel's coming along. Time is the issue. When I can steal a few minutes, it flows very easily. Thanks for asking.

Floridacracker said...

Cathy S,
Her last name was Boyd.
Loree Boyd.

I think I messed up the link to your site. I noticed when I clicked on it the other day. Oops.