Friday, June 01, 2007


We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for this important announcement:
The Pure Florida deer herd has increased by two (I'll have to plant a bigger garden).
I'm not sure the proud Momma is the doe I photographed last week, (did she look TWIN pregnant to you? ) but somebody produced two gorgeous fawns.

I apologize for the branch bisected, slightly soft photos, but I was trying to get my shots without spooking the babies. They were in the southwest corner of my square ten and very near the fence. The list of bad things that could happen if I spooked them into a panic would include tangling themselves in the nearby field fence (I've untangled a screaming, kicking yearling from it once before and it's not fun for the tangled or the detangler), ... or, they could slip through the fence to a mysterious neighbor to the south who keeps a kennel of deer dogs. (Hunting deer with hounds is an old southern tradition)
I did not want any of those things to happen, but mostly, I didn't want to panic them because, garden griping aside, I love having them around and I want them to see my property as a safe place.

They finally crept out into the sunnier pine patch where best dog Ranger is buried. I stalked when their heads were down browsing and froze when they looked up. They were curious, but kept grazing in between peeks like the one above.

I don't know if their Momma called them at this point or if they just had enough of the strange moving tree that kept following them. They bounced off to a new clump of brush and that's when I broke off the pursuit.
This was such a nice surprise. I had not expected anything exciting on this little backyard walk. It was still early afternoon and hot, not the best time for wildlife photos.
They were in deep shade and pretty far away when I first spotted (heehee) the fawns. They were just a small patch of rich brown through green leaves that triggered my "Hey, that doesn't go there" sensory system.
I'm no deer rancher (or am I?), but these look a little big for our doe of recent pregnant posting. I took her photos just last weekend, so we may be in for even more babies.
Oh darn.
Today's post was supposed to be about draughty waterholes and the animals they attract, but that will have to wait for tomorrow.
Birth announcements can't wait.
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Cathy S. said...

Ahh, I love babies. But, I can't get scenes from the Yearling out of my head. Babies stay there with FC and let him take good care of you.

Deb said...

Awww, too cute!

word verification= ungoo. What FC did to his feet after he got out of the muck.

Honest, I'm not making these up!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Grand-Cracker!

pissed off patricia said...

Yeah, I think these two are a bit large to have been born since you took the pg pic of the deer. Aren't they one of the prettiest things you ever saw walking on four feet?

Well, the clouds are here but so far not a drop of rain. Keeping my fingers crossed that we really do get some, and soon.

Have a great weekend!

robin andrea said...

They really are so cute, fc. I'm glad they were hanging out at the Pure Florida sanctuary. You'll probably get to see them romping around. There's nothing like seeing a fawn leaping in the air, chasing its own exuberance.

vicki said...

Happy Day! They're beautiful and no, I don't think last week's doe looked THAT pregnant but maybe. Perhaps you'll catch a glimpse of her again and figure it out. I love that you have a growing passal of these dark eyed beauties at PF. It does indeed make it an even lovlier sanctuary.

SophieMae said...

Bet you could hear the collective AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW all the way down there. 8-} Gorgeous creatures! And right nice shots, in spite of the conditions!

Gotta run out and get gas and water. It's actually raining... light, but steady. GO BARRY!

Anonymous said...

At the risk of dissing your draughty water holes, I have to say that the fawns are much cuter.

Awwwwwwww, indeed.

kathy a said...

they are extremely cute! and they do look a little too big and confident to be mama deer's little ones.

we have deer on the open hillside behind us. a young doe has been grazing near the back fence recently -- maybe 10 yards from my office window. she is a charmer.

Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

Good looking fawns you have there.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an abundance of rain throughout the southeast during the next couple of days (except over our hayfields, which are ready for baling).

Floridacracker said...

Cathy S,
If they know a good thing when they see it, they will stay.

I believe you. I've gotten some funny ones too.
I did actually ungoo my feet.

Hey thanks!

Yes they are ... after lab puppies :)

I hope your rain situation has changed since you commented.

I love the image in your last line.

They are a nice addition and I agree, these are an earlier production.

Barry is de man!
Great rain here overnight.

Fawns vs. mud, yup, fawns win!!

Kathy A,
They are charmers, which is why the garden will be high fenced for coexistence, not comida.

May your hay stay dry while rain falls from our sky.