Monday, August 20, 2007


Today begins the first regular day of school and thus, ends the summer break. Somewhere out in the predawn darkness, a hundred and twenty five individual new challenges are waking up early for the first time since late May.
I need to leave soon so that I am ready for them.
Today is also the end of an almost two decade long era for the smart and interesting people I live with.
Both girls move out this week ... one tomorrow ... one Wednesday.
An era ends.
A new one begins.
I'm sure I'll have something to say about that later this week, but right now I'm ... well, you know ...


threecollie said...

FC, I can about imagine how you feel. No one has left home here yet, but the winds of change are blowing. We will all be thinking of you.....

pissed off patricia said...

I'm not a mom but I think I understand.

robin andrea said...

Good luck with both, FC, the first week of the new school year and the quiet house without Katie and Emma. There'll be tears of joy.

Sharon said...

Yes, I know. :) Mine don't start until Friday, and I will have all three in high school.

swamp4me said...

Despite what you may think now, you'll be fine :) Just be proud of yourself for rearing such fine and independent young adults. Plus, you still have one at home...

SophieMae said...

What a stunning, profoundly perfect picture for this post! I find myself expecting a hand to reach in and grasp that little hangy-down thingy in the middle and slowly pull down the shade.

So many changes all at once. Shell-shock. I'll be remembering y'all in my prayers throughout the week.

Anna said...

Good luck with the transition!

Deb said...

Your school starts two weeks earlier than ours. Of course, I think you also end earlier in the spring.

What an exciting time in your daughters' lives! But I can imagine what a bittersweet time it is for you.

pablo said...

All of my kids were ready to leave for college, so I had no anxieties about them. Spared that level of emotion, I found their departure LIBERATING!

Cathy S. said...

I know...all I can say is, you will live through it, cherish the memories, know that there are still a lot of good ones to be made and that you have done well as your little birdies are more than ready to fly. Oh, one more thing. Hold onto your wallet. :0) Thinking of you and Mrs. F.C. upon whom it will be twice as hard, I am afraid. I know it will be a rough week, but they still need you. Just in different ways.

Cathy said...

Good luck facing those sleepy young'uns. I suspect they find themselves bright-eyed and busy-tailed when they walk into your classroom's force field.

Gosh. Nothing to add to all the poignant comments about the girls leaving. Just another knowing pat on the shoulder.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Aw, gee, PF, that's too bad/ know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

I love you daddy. It's just an hour're not getting rid of me completely just yet.

This moving stuff is harder than I thought. XOXOX


Floridacracker said...

Thank you.It's weird.

I believe you.

My brain says it's really a good thing ...

Busy times! It's odd having only one of my three at my school.

Yes I do! He just handed me a stack of back to school forms to sign.
I'm taking your word on that other stuff :)

That door shot was the morning after the big storm out at camp. The contrast was shocking.
Thank you for the prayers. We'll be fine, just got to get over the hump.

Welcome to Pure Florida. Thanks for the encouragement.

They are excited and rightfully so. I am sad and rightfully so.
It's all about balance :)

The girls are very ready for college, it's their Dad who's not!
Perhaps I spent too much time with them as they grew up, but I don't really see the liberating part of this.

Cathy S,
What is that ... twice as hard on Mrs. FC? A little MOM bias I think :)
And my wallet has already flown the coop.

It looks to be a stressful week. Thanks for the pat.

I do know what you mean and you're right.

You (and I) are going to be fine. Not tomorrow probably, but after :)

ImagineMel said...'re going to be fine. My heart aches for you though; our whole family has been going through this with you here in "town." The girls are in my prayers. Hang in there!! :)

lori said...

if it is anything like my son when he moved out -- we had to remind him he had bought a house and go there to live at least for a couple of night a week.LOL
good luck and we know your'll do fine!!

kathy a. said...

best to katie and emma!!

my sweet bug [don't look at me that way -- she looked like the cutest bug as a bald baby] is leaving the nest next month -- still a little time. i just figured out that she has 4 hours on 9/16 to move into her dorm [2 days early, because of band], and then she will be 24/7 in band practice or orientation for the rest of the week.

that schedule will put a serious dent in my ability to arrange the room properly, interrogate her roommate, and tell embarassing stories to all the other parents. sigh. but i guess she'll get by.

Floridacracker said...

Thanks! It'll just take some getting used to.
Speaking of change, J.'s haircut looks great!

See, now that sounds just fine to me :)

Kathy A,
You had me laughing out loud.

Laura said...

We had a 3 day weekend, as Rick was home from work on Monday. After having a houseful of kids and family this weekend, the house felt very quiet this morning as Britt went off to high school. I felt extremely unsettled.
I don't know how i'm going to handle it when she goes off to college! By then, Samantha will have moved out on her own.
Hang in there, FC. and good luck to your kiddos. :)

Danielle B. Blogging for Balance said...

I am so in denial as far as wrapping my head around the new one is finished and I am already behind ;)....I can't even fathom how I would feel if my one and only daughter were leaving for college....I can't imagine how you must feel with two leaving...I would be extremely sad...I love having my 'little' girl around.

momadness said...

Aww, 'bout cried here, FC. I remember when my own child left the nest. It is a big life change but you just roll with it and really, things do turn out just fine.

Hurricane Teen said...

Ah, I'll be in your spot roughly 63 hours from now. Well, not exactly your spot, as I will not be ultimately responsible for 125 kids...But you know what I mean!

ImagineMel said...

Thanks...looks like a brand new kid! Diggin' my new schedule/duties at school. Big difference from last year.

Rurality said...

Awww, FC. You poor lonesome guy. What will you do without all that wholesome female influence? :)

I love that picture. It really says a lot.