Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bucking The Trend

The "Knobster" begins to branch out.

We have plenty of deer at Pure Florida HQ, but turkey have always been the missing link. It's not that there are no turkey nearby, just the opposite is true. They are everywhere here and I usually see a flock on my 18 mile drive to work each day. Ofen these are maddeningly close to PFHQ.

Still, I never see them HERE ... and I want to.

Close, but no tamale.

Yesterday, I was almost home and had already slowed for a large flock of adult and teenturkeys to cross the road when a second larger flock started across the road in front of me.

Patting myself on the back for unlocking the JEEP console compartment after leaving Walmart, I flipped open the lid and extracted my camera while simultaneously slowing my speed and unzipping the soft top driver window.

The turkeys continued to file across the road and pile up at a fence that bordered some planted pines. I glanced in the rearview mirror ... no one was behind me (surprise) so I stopped quick in the road and leaned out the window.

The turkeys didn't like this, but the fence was confusing their tiny turkey brains, so I had one chance for a shot before they remembered they could fly.

They were closer to my place ... about 500 feet, than I have ever seen them, so I will allow myself to hope that they will come to eat my acorn crop this winter.

Speaking of birds ...
The two LOTR chicks, "AOWIN" and "GWAHERE" (spelling it like it sounds, LOTR fanatics just calm down) are doing just fine. Feathers are bursting forth daily and they are as tame a pair of chickens as I have ever seen.
They are banties, so we've been working on our flight training. This involves one of them at a time jumping onto your hand and then the hand is raised up and down which triggers them to flap like crazy on the downside.
Yes, I KNOW they would figure this out on their own, but their ability to fly will be the thing that saves their skins once they move out into the yard.
I'm just trying to be helpful ...
and yes, it is fun.
They seem to be getting the hang of flying. Last night, I had the top off their laundry basket so they could perch on the basket edge a bit while I made Kung Pao Beef for Mrs. FC.
I got busy chopping and stirfrying and forgot about them until she arrived home from work and asked, " Why is there a chicken on the fireplace mantle?"
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Sharon said...

LOL!!! Oh my gracious, that made me laugh out loud for real, to picture a chicken on the fireplace! They are growing fast.

pablo said...

Do you suppose those turkeys were crossing the road to cut down the pine trees while the owner wasn't watching?

Peggy said...

GORGEOUS clear, sharp deer photo! I'm still so envious of your having them right there outside your window...

vicki said...

patience, grasshopper. Those turkeys will find PF soon enough.

Love your little banties. Mrs. FC is lucky if only the chicken is on the mantel. This is bringing back memories of when we raised ducklings and they broke into the house and cried "mack-mack-mack!" in the den. And that wasn't all they did in the den.

robin andrea said...

Those banties are so cute. I can see that they have captured your heart, just like your little turtles.

Nice turkey shot, FC.

Deb said...

We're just getting turkeys in our neck of the woods these last few years, courtesy of global warming and DNR introductions. We had a female hanging around our place in the winter two years ago. She would roost up high in the pine trees, and come down like a clumsy helicopter in the morning.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Why did the turkeys cross the road? They were on their way to PF's place to learn how to fly? Maybe soon they will show up; don't give up hope.

By the by, if a snake gets one (or more) of your banties, please don't tell me about it. I couldn't stand it.

kathy a. said...

those chicksters are just the cutest! so funny, having them turn up on the mantel -- we have had similar conversations about foster kittens. those kids do the darnedest things!

next thing you know, you'll have baby turkies on the mantle... or, someplace.

our young local deer are branching out, too.

Floridacracker said...

I really don't let them roam around the house, I promise. I just forget they are flight ready all ready.

You think it may have been turkish vandals at RR?

Thanks. Last night I practically ran into one when I walked around the corner and she had two spotted fawns with her! Of course the camera was not with me.

I love ducklings. Ducks are the bird world's stand up comics.

What warming? I heard the weather channel chick say it was 32 degrees in Minnesotarctica today!

I won't tell if it happens.

Kathy A,
I feel like Sterling North sometimes. Critters everywhere.

Cathy said...

It's when Mrs. FC stops noticing that there's a chicken on the mantel that you need to start worrying.

threecollie said...

Got lots of them here...lots...and lots...and a flock of over two hundred. They are natives up here, although they were reintroduced by fish and game. One hen nested INSIDE the heifer barn last summer.
(Mrs. FC must be a very patient and forgiving sort of person.)

Joni said...

ROFL I bow to Mrs. FC. She must be one heck of a woman!

Laura said...

I'm so glad this didn't end:
"I got busy chopping and stirfrying and forgot about them until she arrived home from work and asked..."

"why are the banties in the stir fry pan?"

(that was bad, I know...) ;)

Floridacracker said...

LOL! She's not there yet!

She shakes her head and sighs alot.

She's probably wondering, "What evil did I do in some past life to deserve this?"

These banty babies have so smitten us that they need never fear the pot.
I butchered one of our chickens long ago and everyone looked at me as if I had served the dog on a bun, so I learned my lesson.

jojo said...

I looooove my two turkeys. Osceola's they were injured and given to the wildlife place by me. Then when they got too crowded asked if any one wanted them. I DID! so now i have them (two toms) living and roaming around my yard. They are full of personality. Even more than some of my chickens. :) mine don't like to be touched but i can "pet" their beards when they come close when i'm sitting. and they do take food out of my hands. Grapes are their fav... I love em!

Mine can roost but they can't fly. Not sure the whole history on them.

Floridacracker said...

What a neat story. Sounds like they like being around you.

SophieMae said...

I thought of you early this morning. I was on my way to the refuge and right off the highway was a huge flock of turkish delights. At least a dozen, maybe 20. They were fine as long as traffic kept moving, but as soon as I pulled over, they headed for deep cover.

Thanks ever so, BTW, for making all the pic links work! 8-]

Floridacracker said...

Thank you for pointing the problem out. It seems that moving pics around after up loading can cause problems according to Blogger's Known Issues site.