Friday, August 17, 2007

Dave's Quest

Since I met Dave in at UWF, back in 1979, he has been infatuated with Florida. I would like to think that it was his stint as my dorm roomie back in good ol' Dorm 68 that infected him with a love of Florida, but I think the white sands of Pensacola beach should get the credit.

After college, he went back to the oceanless middlelands from whence he came, but he never lost that urge to return, and he did return many times, but always as a visitor. This week he and his sweet wife Tami visited with us while they shopped for land.

He's on the road tonight, heading home to the midwest yet again.

This time it's different though.

Why don't you skip me tonight and go to Dave's site. If you do, be sure and congratulate him.