Wednesday, May 07, 2008

FC And The Amazing Technicolor Dream Pig

The thing about seeking legendary creatures like the Amazing Technicolor Dream Pig is ... you don't usually find them.
This is why they are "legendary".

Of course, the fun is in the seeking, and besides ... if you get a video camera, set it on night vision, and grab a couple of dopey friends, you could get your own series on the SciFi channel, ala "Ghost Hunters".

Here's some tips if you do ...

Remember, try not to actually think while writing your script for the show ... the dialogue should mostly consist of "What was that?! EEK! Whoa, I'm getting a reading! Didju feel that? ...etc"

Repeat as necessary.

My own quest for a legendary creature ... the AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAM PIG, took me deep into the swamps of Pure Florida. I thought I may have glimpsed him last week when I took the boys canoeing, so this Sunday evening, I headed back in to Devil's Hammock Wildlife Management Area.

I stopped the JEEP where you see it, not because it couldn't handle that little rut, (HA ! As if...) , but because the roads you are allowed to drive on in Devil's Hammock sometimes just fade away into swampy tracks. You are allowed to drive on the named roads and this one was a named road when I turned on to it, but it more or less melted rather than ended ...

I'm often not sure if it's legal for me to proceed, so I err on the side of caution. It would be pretty embarrassing for an ex-Park Ranger to get a ticket for offroading in a park.

Besides ... elusive mystery beasts are often quite shy and a noisy JEEP crunching through an overgrown track is not the best way to seek them out.

So, I exited the JEEP and began creeping through the darkening swamp. It was a little after 7 PM which everyone knows is prime mystery animal seeking time.

It wasn't long before I heard crunching and grunting. A herd of wild hogs were rooting through a dry swamp.

I crouched down and put myself behind a small bush. When it was clear they were oblivious to my presence, I moved closer, stopping whenever they looked up. Mostly they were snouts down and strictly business.

These pics aren't the sharpest I've ever posted. The evening light in the swamp was very dim, so I used fill flash ... half expecting them to bolt after the first shot, but they seemed to not notice.

You can see the Amazing Technicolor Dream Pigs in these 3 shots.

What you can't see are the constantly wagging pig tails (cute) or the mosquitoes (not cute).

Above: Dream pigs with normal pig.

So, the legend of the Amazing Technicolor Dream Pig is true.
Heady stuff.

Now I can put a check on my Things To Do Life List where it says, "Solve mystery of the Amazing Technicolor Dream Pig Legend."

Next item on the list is, "Solve mystery of the electoral college process." Yikes!, I think I'll skip that one ... what's the next one say ...oh yes, ...

" Solve mystery of the Florida Skunk Ape Legend."

I'm on it.


pablo said...

So I'm guessing those are escaped pigs that have gone feral. Right? Are they considered invasive? Around parts of KS and MO they are considered a pest and are being "managed."

Anonymous said...

The pigs can be considered invasive, but they aren't nearly as frightening as the Skunk Ape! If you do a web search for Myakka Skunk Ape you will see some pretty freaky pics! Be careful out there, FC! ;)

lej619 said...

All i can say is holy @#$%^%$# they are huge!!!and very technicolor. thanks
i was expecting something total different!

edifice rex said...

When I saw that first photo my initial reaction was that you had done some kind of cool Photoshop work; made him look all exotic and spotty. Then I realized he looks that way for real? Spots? Ok, I'm a little slow this morning. I'm still working on that first cup of coffee.

Doug Taron said...

>These pics aren't the sharpest I've ever posted.

Well, they're way sharper than your average Loch Ness Monster photos. Cool stuff- but where's the hairstreak pohoto we were promised earlier in the week?

threecollie said...

The pig shots are great and the color certainly is techno indeed. But having whetted our appetites, when do we see the skunk ape?

robin andrea said...

Wow, fc, that really is a technicolor pig. That's a great shot.

roger said...

i think you're onto something big here. the florida skunk electoral college ape. go fc.

i see you'll have bacon available in the coming food shortage.

Dani said...


Cool spot's on that pig.

kathy a. said...

wow, the color!

SophieMae said...


Anonymous said...

Very cool pictures. The technicolor pigs are awesome. Just curious--how does this come about that they are colored like that?

Leslie said...

Hammock Hunter Hies Himself to Hog Heaven!

Floridacracker said...

They've been here since at least the Desoto expedition. They are invasive and do a lot of damage, but they are a very popular game critter.

Thanks for that link!

I ran into 3 different herds that day. At one point it was like Daktari with frightened hogs running alongside the JEEP.

No photoshop, just a flash that brought out their natural colors. Feral hogs revert to all kinds of camo fur patterns.

It's such a pretty photo I was thinking of watermarking it first. I've been thinking of a little more protection for some of these images.
I will show it though.

I bought some skunk ape bait so any day now ...

Thanks! I wish they were crisper. I'll just have to go back ...

yes, we should be able to keep our cholesterol levels up here in the south.

Okay, okay!
See my comment to Doug!

Kathy A,
Should'a seen the spotted babies!

Yes, I agree!

A few generations of wild living brings out all the good survival genes in feral pigs.

Ahh, now you know I have a soft spot for alliteration.

Sharon said...

Wow, that is one colorful pig! :)

Flora said...

Pulled pork is supposed to taste really good. :-)

I have been lurking here every day. Your blog brings great joy.

Dr. Know said...

Actually, those pigs were hit by friendly fire in a local paintball shootout. [/snark]

Got any of those sad looking feral cattle I used to run into all the time on the backroads of NE FL?

When gas hits $8/gallon, them pigs and cows are gonna be some good eatin'.

Speaking of eatin', I found this, trying to get to these for a lunchtime snack.

I fear he'll be back to finish what I interrupted...

Floridacracker said...

He practically glowed.

Pulled pork is excellent!
Thank you for the kind words and welcome to Pure Florida!

I have paintballed a chicken stealing 'possum once.
I'm going to comment and then check out your links so I don't lose these comments.

misti said...

Those are the craziest pigs I've ever seen! I don't encounter them as much down here, rumor is the panthers are keeping their population in check. I usually see the brown/black variety, not these funky striped ones! That first looks like a tiger!

Floridacracker said...

We could use a few good panthers.

Anonymous said...

I'm sow glad you chose to spare some ribbing if you got a ticket or stuck on your quest for the ATDP. I mean there'd you be and you couldn't come with a good loin worth a pound of salt. I'm sure you realize we're all bacon for more pics as this beast is quite spectacular. It's real and it's spectacular. :-)
I think I speak for others who are omnivore you getting a fine shot of the elusive Florida Skunk Ape. Truffle is finding the critter, eh?
You have exceptional skills with your cam and I can't imagine anyone who would PS for a blog. Spectacular adventure.

Thunder Dave said...

IF I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times: You crack me up!!! Aweseome looking pigs though!

Hey does your list include fried scorpions?

Stacey063 said...

Do you think you could nab a spotted baby to replace your departed pig?

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