Monday, June 16, 2008

Rainy Day Swamp Walk With No Ferocious Beasties Or Venomous Melodrama

Come on. Let's go for a swamp walk on this wet Monday.

Your cubicle will be waiting for you when we're done.

Let's go.

The rain has slowed to random rainicity, so we can risk our delicate digital wonder cams.

Don't forget to stuff a plastic garbage bag in your pocket in case the downpours kick in again.


Something is moving up ahead.

Since this is Pure Florida, it's probably got razor sharp claws, jagged teeth, and deadly venom.


Okay, maybe not, but it IS huge!

This is about as big as Florida Box Turtles can get.


Yes, I know it's prettier than the box turtles where you come from ...this is Pure Florida, remember?

Is there a better color than green?

Okay, maybe deep ocean blue, but I mean on land.

I find this green cathedral just totally soothing.

Those lianas are pretty sweet too. We could skinny way up that tree on them, but we'd shake countless water drops down on us from the canopy, so maybe another time.

Let it go ...

... you can play Tarzan on a drier day.

Whoa, what is that up ahead?

This is not your average tree, not here in Florida anyway.

Let's get closer.

I'll play size reference for the photo.

This one is not as big as the one my pal Cindy posed with in a previous post, but it's pretty gianourmous. It's tall and pretty straight too ... how the heck did it escape the axe?

Let's keep moving. We can't tree hug all day.

This swamp is game trail central. Lots of feral hog sign here, but except for that snorty doe and her fawn, I haven't seen any big stuff today ... have you?
You did?

Well, true, he's big as caterpillars go, but I meant BIG stuff.

Maybe it's just not that kind of day today.

No, I DON'T know what kind of caterpillar this is, that's why we invited Dani and Doug.

They'll know.

Okay, we're getting back out of the swamp and into the light again.

What? Your right, that is a pretty nice ferny glade in this open area. Probably loaded with ticks too, so don't forget to ...

Feel that?

The rain's picking up again.

We timed that just right.

I think there's a Special K protein bar in the JEEP with my name on it.


Yes, I'll share it with you.


Floridacracker said...

Hey, we broke 200,000 today!

pablo said...

Wait, food in the Jeep??? I thought this was not permitted.

Congrats on the 200,000!

Doug Taron said...

It's a pipevine swallowtail. And thanks, the bite of the Special K bar is much appreciated.

Miz S said...

I enjoyed the swamp walk, although I was disappointed that we didn't see any big ol' alligators. The turtle was lovely though, and yes, much prettier than the box turtle I found in my yard a couple of days ago.

Thank you for identifying my random mushrooms for me. I love the family name: "phallaceae"

Dan said...

Any photos of the chigger bites?

Anonymous said...

Boy that turtle wax really does give you a great shine. If you ask me any walk through the woods and such is a welcome trek, even if it isn't to eventfull.
Bro J

LauraHinNJ said...

I was thinking pipevine swallowtail, too.

Cute box turtle - just how big?

Floridacracker said...

You remember that?
You sir have a mind for details.

At last a protein bar that tastes good.
Thanks for the ID.

Lordy Miz S, I post so many gators here, I thought y'all were tired of fang and claw.
You're welcome on the yard thingie ID.

No, but I have a close up of a fire ant blister.

Bro J,
The rain did bring out this turtle's color didn't it.
I agree on the woods walk, but I confess I do like the events.

That photo's lacking a size reference, but this one was about eight inches long.

Deb said...

Thanks for taking me along on your swamp walk; I would actually welcome the heat and humidity that must have accompanied it, for once. I was shivering when I got back to the office today after being out on a lake in 59 degree breezy weather.

kathy a. said...

cough. ahem. an 8 inch caterpillar? ok, you win.

pretty turtle, and a good walk too.

Anonymous said...

The walk was pretty nice, indeed. Have ya ever had that feeling that you thought rain was dripping down your face and found a nice wiggly spider or other creepy crawler zig zagging its way around your neck and ear? Gack!

Anyhoo, I count several posts so far which means there's no more protein bar left. Glad I packed all these Clif Bars along...

Anonymous said...

Oh ya, events are always welcomed and a little disappointing when they don't happen.
Bro J

bluebird of paradise said...

I'm wondering if those white sneakers are still as white....

Dani said...

It was a great day for a walk. Good thing Freste brought some extra munchies. 200,000 WOW!!!!

Floridacracker said...

By FL standards, it was a cool day with clouds keeping the sun at bay. You do live in an extreme weather location.

Yup, a Special K bar can only go so far.
Yes, wigglies have gone down my collar before.

They are in the wash right now!

It was even if rather uneventful from my perspective.