Sunday, August 10, 2008

Good Eats ... mostly.

The collage below is a sample of what I ate during this last week at home before work begins again.

(Calm down, the kitty's just a filler pic ... I like cats, ...I just can't eat a whole one.)
Actually, that's not true, I dislike cats intensely.

Back around Tuesday last, I had this brainstorm (it's usually partly cloudy in there, but this was an actual brainstorm).
I would photograph everything I ate, even snacks, for a week, make a collage, and then create a post about it.

Well, you can see how far I took that little project.
It's actually a pain in the butt to have to photograph everything you eat, even for a guy like me who always has his camera nearby.

So I failed miserably in this quest. What you see are a few PB&J lunches, turkey bacon and toast breakfast, a cereal breakfast I ate before photographing, a really good Cuban supper I made with my own mojoesque marinaded pork, black beans, rice, and Selmo's salad.
Over on the right is homemade Chinese stirfry with chicken, broc, bok choy, bell pep, onions and some hot and sour soup.

(Search this blog for my recipes for gumbo and Selmo's salad dressing.)

The black beans showed up again for lunch the next day with some crusty bread. Daughter Katie was home while her apartment complex does their annual cleaning/fix up so I made a huge pot of chicken and sausage gumbo, as it is her favorite. That was supper and a couple of lunches.

Not shown: some takeout BBQ chicken from FatBoy's, blackened chicken breast with salad last night, ham sandwich lunch, brownie and coffee breakfast, desert of chocolate/pecan muffin loaf with vanilla ice cream, breakfast of the same sans ice cream, a couple of whey protein shakes, a few handfuls of Cheezits (love em), same of pretzels, a hand of bananas, couple of plums, a handful of cherries.
(Ice tea is unsweetened by the way)

I do think it could be the new diet fad tho ... if people looked at what they had consumed in a week, they might change the way they eat ... or not.

Self discipline can not be imposed.

So, what about the kitten?

It showed up a few days ago, very scrawny, but tame ... a typical country road dump kitten. Bear found it by the water folly as soon as he stepped outside for his morning constitutional. He wasn't sure what to make of it, but I knew what it was ... TROUBLE!

It has spent the weekend eating dog food and chilling in the shade of the old dog house.

Tomorrow it goes to a new home.


Miz S said...

Thank you for not drowning the widdle kitty. (You wouldn't do that, really, right? RIGHT?)

Peanut butter and jelly is one of my all time favorite sandwiches. Mmmmmm.

Rico Suave said...

We at VitaminSea do hereby take exception to your "intense dislike" of the feline species. As cats, we see it as our duty to help rid the population of nasty rats and other rodent sized creatures (such as chihuahuas) that would permeate our lands.

Plus, we feel our owners take great pleasure in our very presence, much to the point that they'll allow us to snuggle on their pillow and take over their beds, rocking chairs and that spot on top of the couch.

My current landlord has taken such a vehement opposition to my offering of presents in the winged form that I have stopped doing so. I stick my nose in the air and brush her off for such rudeness. harrump. I spray on her walls in retaliation and she chases me to the ends of the earth. Ungrateful, she is.

HOWeverr, on behalf of the feline kingdom, we Thank You for finding a safe home for the littlest kitten.

It would not have survived very long in a land dotted with lethal snakes and flying predators.

~Rico Suave
Feline Site Administrator

Floridacracker said...

Miz S,
I dislike em, but I would never mistreat em.
I can even see the cute factor, but that's as far as I go.

That whine they make ... how can you cat people stand it.
Brings out my dark side.
Don't worry, the force is strong within me.
Kitty is safe.
Not welcome here.
But safe.

Here at canine central, we chuckle (and drool, but that can't be helped) at your felinicity.
As superior beings, we Labs feel sympathy for you, but at the end of the day, you are still a cat.
A sharp clawed, afraid of water, box pooping, wall spraying, lower rung on the evolutionary ladder of progress.
We have a mole in your HQ, a certain Buddy, who keeps us updated on your countercanine antics.
You may have Laura fooled with your purring pillow talk, but we know of your plans for eventual domination of the Vitaminsea clan.
Just remember ... the walls have ears ... so QUIT SPRAYING THEM HOW BOUT IT!!!
Bear, Flounder, and Feather

kathy a. said...

that baby cat is the cutest! i don't know how you can consider the household complete without feline representation. oh, well -- to each his own.

Susan said...

AS A CAT LOVER, I want to clear up a few things...

Most cats do NOT spray, especially if they're neutered.

Cats are only "box poopers" when imprisoned in a house.

Cats don't whine. They meow. And they don't speak loudly to everything that moves when their neighbors are trying to sleep.

That's my "short list."

: )

Sandcastle Momma said...

Ya know if you kept the cat you wouldn't need that big ole snake slithering around all of the time. But then again that snake is so big he might find the cat a tasty snack LOL
I'm a cat lover surrounded by dogs. Don't know how that happened.
That Cuban supper sure looked good!

Dr. Know said...

You have started a war, my friend.

I live with cats, a dog, birds, fish, insects and find most annoying the incessant barking at:
falling leaves at 3:00am,
the mailman,
the garbage men,
any animal,
any human,
planes, trains and automobiles,
the moon,
the sun,
the stars,
molecules of air,

Then there are the issues of:
chewing the furniture,
diarrhea on the carpet,
vacations and trips,
shredding the window moldings and casework with claws while simultaneously barking at x, y and z at 4:00 in the morning.
dragging food all over the house,
wiping butts on the carpet,
ticks (and fleas),
"guard dogs" who sell out your "stuff" for a lump of meat,
not very bright,
totally freaking out whenever thunderstorms or fireworks approach,
combined with utterly false bravado.

And then there are the piles of poo left behind by neighbor's dogs that you step in while trying to mow the lawn -- thereby causing your foot to slip down the hill and under the mower bed.

3000 years of dog's association with man has not improved the breed. Farm life suits them, not being trapped in a surburban condo.

BTW, female cats do not spray. Nor do neutered males, if done before the onset of cat puberty.

Actually, the perfect pets are fish. They are quiet, cost pennies to feed, couldn't care less about your existance, no vet bills, and you can flush them when they croak. Some live longer than dogs or cats. And it is socially acceptable to eat them.

So there.

ImagineMel said...

POWER to the (cat) PEOPLE! I love you all. ;)

Met your aforementioned canine in person...he is quite adept at
1) sniffing
2) shimmying
3) sitting
4) sniffing
5) straining (at the leash)
6) sniffing

But all in all, he is a loveable, furry, cuddly, happy little man. He mentioned to me in passing that he thought my resident felines were outstanding, beautiful, intelligent, regal, royal, much more socially adept than his species, animals. ;)

pablo said...

I don't care for cats either. There are just no good recipes for them!

Persephone said...

Susan, Sandcastle, Dr. Know, and Imaginemel, among others, have very valid points.

Dogs try hard; one could say, Too Hard. Alas, it is an affliction of the species. Aren't they special? Woof woof.

But don't send a dog to do a feline's job. I am 9 lbs., 13 years old, and the Queen of all I survey. The dogs, bless their little souls, come up short.

Suze said...

Oops - looks like you got something started. You're a dog person and that's wonderful. Other people like cats - that's great too. No need for everyone to defend their "side" - there's room for everyone.

SwampAngel65 said...

What can I say? I am owned by one feline and I, in turn, own one Lab. The cats know they rule. They don't need no stinkin' badges! And the dogs, as sweet as they are, are always eager to please and do as they're told (well, sometimes if a treat is involved).

I think I like my tortoise. Never complains, never gets into fights and actually always comes when I call her!

SophieMae said...

Good eats! Cuban 'specially. MMMMM!!!

I'm with you on the cat issue. Kittens are fairly cute... as long as they live elsewhere... but they grow up to be cats. I hear they make good doorstops, though. 8-}

Have you seen this one?

lesle said...

cat cooking

edifice rex said...

Well, I don't mean to join in the fray but....I see now that YOU have a flaw ;). Handsome, likes to cook, and handy around the house, but you don't like cats. I guess we're even now.

Anonymous said...

Hey! What evolutionary ladder?!!! We didn't evolve. We were created!


Anonymous said...

I simply don't know of any cat who sniffs around in the yard and eats dog poop then comes to lick you in the face like it's a gift. Dogs, conversely don't seem to mind this behavior and the only reason he will lick your face is to get the taste out of his mouth.

cinbad122 said...

How could you dislike the kitties! I just love them!

Floridacracker said...


Too funny, such a feline stew (mmmmmm) of emotions.

I love that you love your cats. It makes me feel good to know they have wonderful homes.
YOUR homes that is.

I wish I had time for individual comments this morning, but apparently I have to go back to work.

Who knew??

Anonymous said...

Our cat (one of them), Bambam, has made a convert of two (2) non-cat people thus far.

He does make messes around the house, though. Why he can't chose to use the TILE for jettisoning hairballs is quite beyond me.

You eat a lot of sweets, Fc. Be glad you've the discipline for push-ups and etc. All that activity around the property doesn't hurt either, to be sure.

Dr. Know said...

Some might call it a Red Herring post.

Who knew??
Having traversed this territory before, I did. It's a battle far older than stupid Democrats vs. evil Republicans. (See how that works...?)

Anonymous said...

A food post? It was? Oh...


Floridacracker said...

Where do you get "a lot of sweets" out of that?
Are you counting fruit?

Anonymous said...

"brownie and coffee breakfast, desert of chocolate/pecan muffin loaf with vanilla ice cream, breakfast of the same sans ice cream" + all those PBJ's.

Not like I'm casting stones or anything. Jeez.

"a lot" is all relative, as well. Maybe it's "a lot" for one paragraph, is all!

Floridacracker said...

Smuckers natural peanut butter, ain't nuttin but nuts and salt. Jam is Polaners all fruit, sweetened only with fruit juice (granted fructose is a sugar).
and I did not eat the whole loaf, just a slice ... or two.

Floridacracker said...

Kathy A,
I know you rescue them and believe me, I'd love to slap a stamp on this kittens head and send him to you. I know he'd be loved.

... but, tell us how you really feel.
Remember it was Bear (a dog) who made the slanderous comments. I only said I don't like them.

Yes, that snake crossed my mind, but apparently he doesn't like cats either.

Quite a list.
Probably applies to the yappy small dog world.

Sorry about that sniffing thing. Hope he was polite.

Like minds.

13 pounds? My lab has bowel movements bigger than you.
Wait ... is that a good thing?

You are the voice of reason in the storm.

YOU have never seen two of our Florida gopher tortoises go at it.
It's a fight!
No badges! Love those guys!

and their teeth and claws are too sharp.
The Cubano was bueno.

Almost afraid to click on that ... almost.

Why thank you maam, but I am quite the collection of flaws... and I can't weld, throw pots, build a house, and look good in a dress.
You are still ahead.

Well ...that explains the cat's holier than thou attitude.
Clearly then, dogs evolved ...and got happier and sweeter with each twist of the old double helix.

You need to get out more, meet more cats ... smell their dead mouse breath.

I know you do and you are a good cat momma. Not many people would stick an IV in their old cat twice a week.
Earning your cat angel wings you are.
Old testament angel wings of course!

Ol' Lurker said...

I have thoroughly examined the issue and can only come to one conclusion: the only good cat is a cat drying on the highway.

Anonymous said...

Fc, you eat a lot of fructose, nuts, and salt. It's a good thing you do all of those push-ups.

Perhaps you should give up food altogether, thereby minimizing the need for push-ups on the back end.

I'm just sayin. It's just an idea. Take it or leave it.