Saturday, August 09, 2008

Other Things Beside Rattlesnakes

There were other things to see on the day of the rattlesnake, things equally important, if not equally dangerous.
Like this hawk that posed, stretched, and then flew off.

And, there were the gators down in their secret gator hideout.

Not pictured ... at least 4 other gators soaking in the same pool.

They ducked.


robin andrea said...

Hawks, alligators, fire ants, and rattlesnakes! You must like a little adrenalin with your fun. Great wildlife pics.

VitaminSea said...

Oh the co-incidences! At 4 a.m. this morning, hub and I watched a National Geographic special about an FSU professor who studies these snakes for a living and collects their venom. He was bitten by one after mis-judging the distance that they can strike. Only one fang got him, on the finger. Eck.

A few minutes ago, I decided to turn on the 'puter speakers, click on your video, and just watch Rick for a moment. Next thing you know, he's looking around the living room saying, "What is that noise???"
and then... "sounds like an irritated rattlesnake." LOL!

I showed him your video; he was most interested. Said to tell you to keep an eye on your distance! ;)

Anyway, great pics! Good to see our natives are doing well out there in the hammock. ;)

(why 4 a.m.?) Sam was bitten by fire ants while visiting a friend in Sebring...ended up in the ER. Rick and I have had a long night, pacing the floor. She's ok now. Thank God.

Doug Taron said...

It sounds like this was a fine visit all around. I've only been to Devil's Hammock once. If I ever get back that way it would be great to see it with someone who really knows the place (hint, hint). I really like the current header. It's so evocative of your part of the world.

threecollie said...

Great pics -you probably get tired of hearing that but they always are and we enjoy them a lot. I love the new header pic especially!

Sandcastle Momma said...

Wow, that hawk is huge! We were in our backyard one afternoon last summer and saw a hawk circling. Then right in front of our eyes he flew down and tried to grab the dog (we have a little Fiest) He hung around our place for a week or so and we couldn't let the dog out alone. I was amazed that he wasn't scared of us at all.

jojo said...

5 foot snake? you be kiddin right?

and yeah that would be pretty funny, to hear you died of a snake bite because you were really doing the ant dance and stepped right on it. :(

great shots!

Hey based on the head of that gator what size do you think it is? isn't there a trick or something from snout to eyes?

SophieMae said...

What a great outing! Love those gator young'uns. And your new header pic is fantabulous!

Re your previous 'Never?' query... not since I read about the prep h treatment, anyhow. 8-]

Floridacracker said...

Wildlife induced adrenalin pulses are much appreciated around here.

Very glad that Sam is okay, and you two can get some rest. I'm assuming she's allergic perhaps?
Gotta hate fire ants.
I will keep my distance, I promise.
Not a centimeter more mind you, but just enough. ;)

Thanks on the header. A photo of my Katie that I forgot about. That is out at Lower Suwannee NWR.
Depending on my Dad/Teacher/Hired HandRemodeler schedule, I'd be happy to show you DH. I don't think I know it all that well tho, ... everytime I go back I notice something new.

Thanks! I was cleaning up my hard drive, sending pics to the external drive so my slow 5 year old Dell would run a little faster and I came across that shot.

Pitty the Florida dog, if the gators don't get you the hawks might!

It was a good 5 feet, it was stretched out very straight for the first part of our encounter.
Nice snake.
I don't know the trick, but I think those young gators were also in the 4-5 foot range.

Who thought to try that I wonder?
Glad you like the header pic!

mike in ft pierce fl said...

I just found your blog! Great Stuff, I to am a Florida Native! And would not trade this paradise for anything. You have some of the best wildlife pictures, keep up the good work!