Sunday, September 07, 2008

Today's Late Post Is My Mom's Fault

Katie and her Grandmother ... snugglin'.
This week, my mother will turn 80. She will do this two weeks before my father turns 80 and during those two weeks he will remind her hourly that he is still in his 70's while she is a decade older.
She will grin and bear it knowing that what goes around comes around.
She is the kind of 80 that we all aspire to get to ... vibrant, strong, smart, and active.
I can't be home for her actual birthday which falls during the work week, so Katie and I drove over to St. Augustine today for a slightly early celebration.
I just got in about an hour ago.
Today's post is short, late, and devoid of gators, dogs, and swamps, but it's not my fault.
It's Mom's.
PS: Driving around the old home neighborhood, I couldn't help but notice all the trucks at my Aunt Shelba's house. Seems she's a birthday girl too and her boys had come home to celebrate her special day.
Aunt Shelba, if you are reading this ... and I know you are ... Happy Birthday!
We love you.


SwampAngel65 said...

Aw, Happy Birthday to your Mom and your Aunt Shelba! May they both have many, many more!

tai haku said...

An excellent reason to be late.

Happy birthday to your mom, aunt shelba and in 2 weeks your dad.

elpbulls said...

Happy Birthday Mausy and Aunt Shelba!! I love you! (you too daddy)

Cathy S. said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! Both women in that photo are very pretty.

Ol' Lurker said...

Two very lovely ladies. Voste' tenir bo Minorcan genetica, FC.

Sandcastle Momma said...

Happy Birthday to your Mother and your Aunt!

Freste said...

I ditto the Happy Birthdays to your mom and aunt. I'm sure if learned anything from your mom, you'd know you can't blame her for your actions. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm gonna tell now!

Whatever lurker said, I think he's very likely right.

Thunder Dave said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom!
I don't know your aunt, but happy birthday to her too!

Anonymous said...

FC-Happy Birthday to your Mom. I feel your Mom's pain with your Dad ribbing her...the difference is I have to endure this for 11 months EVERY year! LOL.

kevin said...

Don't let the photo fool you, that "wonderful" woman was my 2nd grade teacher and she smacked my hand. Hard. Just because I hit another kid in the face with a rubber band (it was an accident).

Really, she is one of the nicest people I know. It's always good to run into them around town. Usually in Wal-Mart.

robin andrea said...

Happy birthday to your mom and aunt.

threecollie said...

The best of birthday wishes to your wonderful mom. Tell her from us up here in NY that we think she did a great job with your raisin'.

kathy a. said...

happy birthday, mom and auntie and dad!

SophieMae said...

Ēadiġ ġebyrddæġ, Dame FC and Lady Shelba!

Deb said...

Your mom just looks like the sweetest woman in the world. Happy birthday Mom and Aunt Shelba!

rick said...

you should have stopped by you could have had a piece of pound cake with sour cream icing Aunt Peggy hasn't aged a bit in the last 20 years

Floridacracker said...


Much better than my usual excuse.

Love you!!

Cathy S,
Aint they tho?

Ol Lurker,

Thanks on behalf of both of them.

Don't tell!
Ol Lurker has a good eye ... how do you know if OL is male or female?

You probably will meet her someday.

You have to endure Dave's insanity year round doncha?

Now, you know you probably deserved it, either at the moment or just as a prophylactic punishment.
The do love the Wallyworld.


Good, she could probably use that positive feedback!

Kathy A,
Thanks, they are all a fine crew.

Let me get my Star Trek translator out ....

I could be biased, but yeah, I think so too.

Sounds like a serious cake opportunity missed!
She claims it's the Oil of Olay.

Alan said...

It is a known fact that all of the world's best people are born in September, but I'm not biased just because mine was the 6th and my mother's is Wednedsay or anything. I'm sure mom FC is a fine addition to our pantheon of greatness. ;-)

Miz S said...

I'm late, but I'm here. What a lovely photo. You have some good-lookin' wimmins in your family, FC.

Have a great day at work.

Native Mom said...

Small world. I was born and raised in St. Augustine and was just there last week helping my 89-year-old grandmother leave the hospital and get settled in back at home. Love St. Aug! Love Grandmas!


Sharon said...

Happy birthday to them! What a beautiful Mom you have :) (and daughter, naturally)

Floridacracker said...

Must be something special about September!

Miz S,
Thanks! I hope you survive your day too!

Native Mom,
Very small world!

Thanks. They both clean up nice.

Leedra said...

Such a great tribute to your mother. My mother is 81, it is wonderful to still have her here with us.