Saturday, September 06, 2008

Who Set This Treadmill So Dang Fast?

"Did you hear why FC was absent ..."
"Oh my!"

Yowza ... I have been too busy to get out there and find something for you.

Sorry about that.
Don't say, "Ahh, that's okay, blog when you want to." ... PF is a daily blog.

My excuse goes something like this ...
Friday, work, then dash home to let Bear out for a bit before dashing 40 miles to Gainesville for football game.

Pregame, meet daughter Katie at Beef O' Brady's for wings before the game.
Then dash to game at hoitytoity private school for rich kids.

Watch football game which seems to take forever to finish ... Junior makes amazing interception and some good tackles.
We win.

Go to Steak and Shake after game (11:00 pm) so famished Junior can eat chili and a salad.
Drive home at midnight.
Get home at 1:00 am.
Wake up to Bear's whining at 6:00 am.
Take Bear out for his morning duty, then back inside.
Bear wants to play, FC wants to sleep.
Toss blanket on kitchen floor, lay down next to Bear who chews loudly on rawhide toy.
Sleep on floor for one hour with large dog laying across my legs.
Get up and wake the Junior so we can get to mandatory Livestock Fair meeting at 9:00 am to get paperwork.
Get paperwork go home.
Find out cypress mantle is ready, head to Bronson 20 miles away to drop Junior for soccer and head to mill to pick up mantle.
Take mantle home, lift massive mantle off trailer and on to sturdy yard cart ... mantle is 9 feet long and 5.5. inches thick, about one foot wide ... do the math.
Load trailer with remains of old back porch wood, haul to landfill then head to town of Newberry to pick up 30 square feet of manufactured stone and 7 huge hearth stones for fireplace project.
Drive home.
Unload ... what, 500 pounds of stone and carry into living room.
Junior arrives home, use his additional muscles to move raw mantle beam up on to sawhorses on porch.
Begin mowing 3 acre "lawn" with push mower. Bahia grass is kneedeep and resists mower.
Mow for hours while Mrs. FC and Junior go grocery shopping ... stop when light goes as sun sets.
Junior and Mrs. FC arrive, help unload groceries.
Cook Chinese stirfry while Junior and Mrs. FC yell at Gator game on TV.
Eat .
Slink upstairs with a Sam Adams to decompress and write my excuse for not writing.
Going to bed now.


lej619 said...

was wondering where you were??
glad to life gets in the way with other people besides me.
I really do ENJOY your blog.!!

Jacki said...

Wait, you were at the Steak N' Shake in Gainesville at 11:00 at night? The one where a disgruntled employee murdered a bunch of people in the freezer back in the 70s? I used to live around the corner from that place, and our rule was....not after dark, man!

Sharon said...

Dude! I'm exhausted just reading this! Hope you get to relax tomorrow :)

jojo said...

well, i surely don't wish i was you. And i surely don't want to watch Gator football (go noles). And i would have let the dog pee on the floor. And i would have let the mantle sit in the rain (if it threatened to). and i would have said to my kid, have a good game, as i dropped him off, and the porch wood would still be sitting there...And then, i surely would have taken that nap. but this is why you are FC oh wise one, and i'm not. :) wow...
hard day....i don't envy this day.


Miz S said...

And on the 7th day you will be resting?

SwampAngel65 said...

Dang, you did more work in 24 hours than my husband does in a week! Take a break today...please!

threecollie said...

Good grief!

amarkonmywall said...

oh, my, indeed. That's a lot of running and lifting. I'm excited about seeing the mantle project. Cypress, you say. Cool. Miz S. is a wise person: rest.

Emily said...

Boy, you were busy! And that was a lot of mileage!

Cathy S. said...

I hope you are sleeping in this AM and that Mrs. FC or Junior (whose dog is Bear anyway... JUNIOR!) have taken Bear out for a nice long run chasing grasshoppers shile you dozed. By the way, you're excused from blogging. I am sure if you as a teacher got such a note, you would let your students off the hook as well.

Dani said...

That fireplace is gonna be awesome!! Get some rest and I'm glad everything was okay.

Deb said...

Congrats to Junior's team for beating the private school rich kids!

susan said...

WHAT!!!??? No TV dinners or pizza so you could watch the game too?

Do we hear a cry for help?

: )

susan said...

Also, I'm compelled to ask... why are you taking "Junior's dog" out at 6am?

Anonymous said...

FC we do fell for you. We are the devoting parents and will do anything for our children when ever and as far as getting your mantel and fireplace finished it will be beatiful and you will be proud of yourself for all the hard work you did to get their. smokin

The Troll said...

The Devil finds work for idle hands. He's probably crossed you off his list of possible recruits.

Doug Taron said...

I hope that today finds you a bit less harried. My weekend has been all about fieldwork and putting up veggies for the winter. I hope to get a post up about the fieldwork.

I want to see pictures of the fireplace project.

robin andrea said...

Take Sunday off, walk outside somewhere with your camera. See something beautiful. Savor the moment, then click.

Hope you have a restful day soon.

Sandcastle Momma said...

That's a lot of lifting and work for an old man! LOL

Sounds like you got a lot done. I can't wait to see pictures of the fireplace.

kevin said...


pablo said...

I don't know why my comments here don't always post. I'm sure I said something clever.

Do you ever write posts in advance and schedule them to appear later?

caroline said...

Home improvement projects and active teenagers can wear you out just reading about it. Phew!
Our kiddo does not make interceptions or tackles, she's with the band color guard. We didn't have rich kids, we had downpour. All band kids and band kid parents were soaked past the underwear just getting through the National Anthem.
We're dealing with siding and paint, not mantel and hearth, all of us must be crazy!
Hope Bear slept in this am, small dog laying across feet not conducive to restful sleep either.
Caroline in South Dakota

billg8tr said...

Sounds like a normal weekend.

Thunder Dave said...

I agree with kevin! ;-)
Hey did you say stirfry? I'm starting to build my Asian recipe prtfolio!

Floridacracker said...

Thanks. Yes, that whole life outside blogging can be cumbersome at times.

No, this was the new one by Target.

Just take a deep breath ... it's what I do.

It was full. Not bad, just real full.

Miz S,
Rest ... you crack me up teach.

It was all good exercise, the only frustrating thing was no time to photo anything wild and it was a beautiful day.

Now farmer, I know you work around the clock.

Will do on the mantle pics, but it might be a while.
She's wise AND funny.

Ouch! The mileage on my beloved JEEP was the worst part!!

Cathy S,
Somehow, I am the only one who can hear Bear's plaintive morning whines. Weird.

I hope so. It's so massive right now ... I have some challenges ahead.

Somehow, that kind of win is always more satisfying.

I would be totally lost sitting in front of a TV watching a football game.
No good answer about the 6am Bear jaunts ... except maybe I enjoy them actually :)

Thanks! I hope it turns out well!

I wonder how thorough his background checks are?

I will post about that fireplace after I've successfully hung the largest mantle outside of Texas.
If you hear a loud crash ...

I sort of did that actually.

It's my bowflex, treadmill, gym membership substitute!

Forgive me father for I have slacked.

Wouldn't that involve planning ahead? :)
Actually I have done that about once, but mostly I bang out something original predawn.

We are the people our parents warned us about!
Remodelers must all be crazy. Good luck with your siding and paint!

Exactly. Cram in everything you could not do during the workweek.

Yes, stirfry every Sat nite.
You should meet him first before you go agreeing with him :)
I've known him since first grade so ...

Just the Right Size said...

Oh my FC, you sound like us!!! I come to work just so I can REST!

Hurricane Teen said...

I LOVE that picture.
Great story-excuse, too :-D
I don't blame you.

Floridacracker said...

Just Right,
What were we thinking when we first used the word "remodel".

You should try getting two cows to work it for the camera. Tough!
Glad you liked it.