Monday, November 17, 2008

The Deer: One Week Later

Saturday, there was a spiraling flock of vultures over the pond area, adjacent to the woods where the dead deer lies.

The doe's body is in such thick brush that the vultures are mostly frustrated, so they only circle then go off to find easier pickings. The one in the picture was preening and cleaning in the late afternoon light.

The deer is finally showing some change after staying pretty normal looking for a few days. Last week had rain, warm temps, and freezing temps, so the decomp rate probably fluctuated a lot.

The smell has definitely fluctuated, with one day midweek having even me thinking about burying the thing. Then it abated and practically was nonexistent for a bit during a warm rainy day in where I would have expected lots of smell.

Time and decomposition marches on. I'll update you a week from now on the process.

So far none of my dogs have been tempted to roll in it ... keep your fingers crossed.

I'll balance this icky post with a happy Bear video tomorrow ... maybe two if I can hold the blow dryer and the camera at the same time.


Sayre said...

Seems rather quick. Perhaps it's the angle or perhaps someone stole it, but I don't see the head anywhere...

My old black lab LOVED the hairdryer. You couldn't dry your hair without her leaning on your leg and pleading with her big brown eyes for a warm air blast.

threecollie said...

I almost didn't click...

Kimberlee said...

Okay, since you brought it up, why DO dogs roll in dead things anyway? All the dogs I've ever had have enjoyed dousing themselves in anything rotten. It's bad enough when the dog lives outside, but when it's an inside dog...UGH!!!

Dani said...

I LOVE your picture of the vulture! They're Johns favorite, but I've never gotten a good shot of one for him. :(

Great job so far on the mantle, it's beautiful!!!!!

Laura said...

Did I miss the post or paragraph on why you're leaving the deer out instead of burying it? I'm assuming you've left it out to feed the locals... so to speak. I can't imagine the scent right now. eckk!

btw, Buddy loves the blog dryer, btw. After his bath, he comes running up when I get it out, wagging his tail like all get out!

Florida Nature Photography said...

Hey! A fellow native Floridian and photographer! Great stuff....I'll definitely follow your blogs from now on.

I'm from SW Florida but now live in Tallahassee. You can see some of my stuff at DO you travel around the state or just stay in your area?


Cathy S. said...

So, how are you keeping the dogs away from it?

Anonymous said...

If Patience is still allowing the "critter" to linger, then I sure hope you added those flowers to your grocery list the other day!

Just the Right Size said...

Oh deer!

Doesn't take much time, does it? I once knew someone who did criminal/murder forensics here in Fla. and he said this was "the perfect place (Florida) to get rid of a dead body". The heat, bugs, and other critters make lite work of a dead carcass.

BTW, the mantle looks AWESOME! You're much more patient than me! I also had that "wet cement" panic once we mixed the thin set for our bathrooms. You go into "The Zone".

nina said...

It's always amazing to see how nature has a built-in system of waste disposal.
Many times, I've been tempted to bury something that my nose finds objectionable. The time is fairly short, though, before a "swarm" of decomposers (insects, scavenging mammals or birds) finds it and makes short work of eliminating it.

Glad you left it for those who need it.

Floridacracker said...

The head is bent back in the lower left.

I hear ya.

I'm sure the answer is out there. I always assumed it was an instinctive hide your predator odor sort of thing from their wolf past.

They're his Favorite? Good for him, I don't think these guys have many fans. Thanks on the mantle!

Click on that deer link to see the first post.
We are watching this deer melt back into the planet.

Glad you like PF and WELCOME! I will drop in to your site.
I roam a bit, but mostly I do the Nature Coast.

Cathy S,
I think the tangle of smilax vines around the deer are doing that job.

Not a bad idea tho.

Just Right,
I'm usually in the zone. Glad you like it, the rock is going on nicely.

Thanks. It's starting to have that scavenged look now. I'm sure the surrounding plants growing in our sterile FL soil are appreciating the dose of nutrients.

rick said...

the person who took a poor shot is someone who probley is not a safe hunter that might just shoot something moving in the bushes or maybe a young hunter who just got excited, either way being an avid deer hunter I still hate to see any deer suffer. A good shot placement preferably by rifle is my choice a 20 round box lasts me about 3 years. havn't lost a deer in over 5 years if not offered a clean shot just let them walk

Floridacracker said...

Well said cuz.