Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bear Eggs

Here's something really, really cool that a reader in the fabled land of Kansas sent me. I had such fun showing it to my students ... first they had to guess what was in the mailing box using a few clues and their own questions to narrow it down.

Then, when I walked around with it allowing them to touch and hold it, many of them refused to believe that such a thing could have come from a bird ... even an ostrich.
"It's too smooth .... It's made of plastic ... "

It fit in well with our discussion of nutrients, the periodic table, and the importance of element number 20.

Thank you Ostrich egg sender!! What a cool surprise ... and I'm definitely making the apple coffee cake on page 178 of that amazing cookbook that came along with the egg.

Ya "meet" the nicest people blogging.

Here's a little Bear silliness ... he's not totally into this chase, I think the smell of the deer decaying about 20 feet from where the video starts was a distraction.

The blow dryer video didn't happen ... like any child when you want them to perform, ... he didn't!


Sayre said...

I love that you chase this dog with a camera... he obviously LOVES it!

My husband washed the dogs yesterday and tried the hairdryer on Revan. He was hesitant at first, but then really got into it. Which is good - he's got a lot of hair!!!

Cool ostrich egg - are you going to eat it?

myamuhnative said...

Ack!I don't recommend eating that ostrich egg.
I've tried it twice, first time we made a huge pan of scrambled ostrich egg.It just tasted quite odd and not in a good way.Second time we just fed it to the cats who were not impressed either.
We did have fun trying to cut the shell in half with a hacksaw (had a craft project in mind).Them're one tough shell!
I think we found that drilling a hole in both ends and inserting a 60cc syringe in one to help blow out the egg works pretty well-especially if you scramble it a little bit in the shell with a piece of wire.
I think I can get you an Emu egg ( pretty green) for the collection if you would like.

TROLL said...

I'm just glad you're off the dead deer thing.

Aunty Belle said...

Yikes!! Does they have ostriches in Kansas??

Really amazin'.

Freste said...

Jumbo sized and made for bragging for the true eggomaniac. But I think I'd rather lick the deer than sample ostrich eggs again.

Coolio Bear chase. Could have been amusing if someone shouted, "But the vet WON'T do that again, Bear... "

BeeDancer said...

I have always wanted to try an ostrich egg...I hear they make amazing huge omelets with a deep yellow color...

Floridacracker said...

This ostrich egg came clean and empty.

He was only half into that run too, I have to get him when he is in the mood to gallop.

If you have an extra emu egg lying around, we'd love to have it for our class. You can send it to that book donation address to the right if you want to donate.
Thanks for the thought.

I'm not. Weekly updates on Monday.

I guess so, remember the ostrich farming craze that swept through the 90's.

LOL! Nice captioning.

I don't know, the comments above make me wonder as to the gustatory delight of ostrich egg eating.

Anonymous said...

Ah, glad the goodies arrived in good order. I never developed a taste for ostrich egg omelets myself, but the comment about the rich color puzzles me as the yolk to white ratio is such that normally one gets a very pale omelet. Hm . . .
Did I learn about the www.periodicvideos.com from you? Neat site! At any rate, as always I thank you for sharing the beauty of your corner of the world. And for the LOL moments? I'm truly grateful for those.

Ericka said...

very cool. i've got one somewhere that was an art project. i was thinking faberge, it ended up for fifth grader. *sigh*

Kimberlee said...

Bear definitely appears to have a confused nose guiding him in this clip. I can't wait for the day when he makes his video debut with the blowdryer! :)